The Waitress Cast Tells Us What They’d Do with the $20,000 Pie Prize

Last updated May 11th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
The Waitress Cast Tells Us What They’d Do with the $20,000 …

In the Tony-nominated musical Waitress

, Jenna (Jessie Mueller) dreams of winning a local pie competition and using the $20,000 reward to change her life and leave her abusive husband, Earl (Nick Cordero). BroadwayBox caught up with Waitress cast and creatives to hear from them what they would do with a check for 20 grand.

Jessie Mueller (Jenna)

Waitress GIF- Broadway- Jessie Mueller GIF

I'm putting it towards my parents’ mortgage.

Drew Gehling (Dr. Pomatter)

Waitress GIF- Broadway- Drew Gehlinh GIF

I would travel. I always wanted to go to New Zealand.

Christopher Fitzgerald (Ogie)

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I would leave Earl as well.

Keala Settle (Becky)

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If someone gave me $20 grand, I would make an EP. It would be covers—there would be a Disney song on there because I’m a big fan and a lot of old R&B throwbacks.

Kimiko Glenn (Dawn)

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I would probably put a down payment on an apartment.

Nick Cordero (Earl)

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I'd probably buy a few guitars.

Eric Anderson (Cal)

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I'm giving it to my wife [Jessica Rush] so she can take care of whatever we need to—she does the budgeting. I'm certain it will have something to do with my daughter.

Dakin Matthews (Joe)

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I’d put it right in the bank.

Sara Bareilles (Music & Lyrics)

Sarah Bareilles- Waitress- Opening Night- Interview
Photo by Caitlin McNaney/

I might take a little vacation. A little me time to somewhere quiet—sunny but in the woods.

Lorin Latarro (Choreographer)

Lorin Latarro- Waitress- Opening Night
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I'd start a dance company.

Diane Paulus (Director)

Diane Paulus- Opening Night- Waitress
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I would put it in the bank towards my daughter’s college education.

Jessie Nelson (Book)

Jessie Nelson- Waitress- Opening Night
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I would want to go around New York and go into diners where there are older waitresses and leave some tips that would blow people’s minds.

See the whole gang in ‘Waitress’ at Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre.