Jessica Lee Goldyn Serves Up Her Timeless (And Tony Nominated) Tuck Everlasting Eleganza

Last updated May 13th, 2016 by Jessica Lee Goldyn
Jessica Lee Goldyn Serves Up Her Timeless (And Tony Nominat…

The Tuck Everlasting audiences' eye naturally gravitates toward Jessica Lee Goldyn as the floozy in purple tearing up the stage beside Tony nominee Terrence Mann.

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BroadwayBox asked the Finding Neverland and A Chorus Line alum to bring us backstage at the Broadhurst Theatre for a little salon fashion show of Gregg Barnes' Tony-nominated Tuck costumes.

This is the first beautiful costume I wear in the show. I'm a very happy lady to get to wear my favorite color, lavender, throughout the show. The bottom of this dress is hand painted and simply stunning up close.  This costume and the way we utilize the skirts in the choreography really helps set the earthy, folky tone of the opening number & "Top of the World."

We put this gorgeous lace overlay on for "Most Beautiful Day." I feel like a princess is it. It feels romantic & pure & truly sets the scene for the day Mae & Angus fall in love. I've never felt more beautiful but also more comfortable wearing & dancing in a costume.

The Floozy is my favorite. Terry Mann named her Imagene & I think it's quite fitting. The color and detail is incredible & the boots are simply to die for. As soon as I put it on, I instantly feel flirty, sexy & fun. It makes this 5'5" gal feel like a real showgirl. It isn't the easiest to dance & breathe in the corset but I gladly turn blue for every second I get to don this work of art.

This is my Rose costume for "Time."  It reminds me of something out Cinderella. It's a sad, dramatic scene in which I play a mother with a very difficult choice to make & even just the color and weight of the dress itself adds greatly to the feeling of heaviness & importance of what it is Rose must do.

The final costume I wear is in the ballet. The way this dress dances is a dream. It is light and sleek. The way the skirt flares when I turn is most fun. Like with my floozy costume, it wasn't until I put this on that I truly discovered my character. I named her Mod Juniper. She is a sassy, saucy lady who knows how to steal a man’s heart…with a triple turn or two.

See these Gregg Barnes costumes and many more in ‘Tuck Everlasting’ at Broadway’s Broadhurst Theatre.