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Tony Nominees Bust Out Their Signature Dance Move For the Tony After Party

May 19th, 2016 by

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Tony Nominees Bust Out Their Signature Dance Move For the...

BroadwayBox caught up with a bunch of 2016 Tony Awards nominees at the Paramount Hotel for some animated GIF fun. Each was asked to pick a prompt at random and show us their honest reaction.

The series continues with, the signature dance move you'll break out at the Tony parties.

Christopher Fitzgerald (Waitress)

Christopher Fitzgerald GIF- Dancing GIF- Whip Nae Nae GIF

Cynthia Erivo (The Color Purple)

Cynthia Erivo GIF- Dancing GIF

Just a simple step-touch.

Christopher Jackson (Hamilton)

Christopher Jackson GIF- Hamilton- Dancing GIF

Brandon Victor Dixon (Shuffle Along)

Brandon Victor Dixon GIF- Shuffle Along- Dancing GIF-

Wop it out.

Jennifer Simard (Disaster!)

Jennifer Simard GIF- Dancing GIF

Be on the lookout for these nominees and many more reacting to new prompts that made them LOL, shake their heads, and even shoot up some praise hands.