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Snow Day YouTube Spiral: 25 Throwback Broadway Videos To Keep You Entertained

March 14th, 2017 by

JoshuaFerri Share
Snow Day YouTube Spiral: 25 Throwback Broadway Videos To ...

Blizzard Stella set down on the East Coast, and, while she didn't make quite the impression we were expecting, many of us are still homebound. So, you could sit home, eat a million calories, and read.

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Or you could spend the snowy Stella day catching up on all these great classic, throwback Broadway clips.

The Original Company Trio SLAYS "You Could Drive a Person Crazy"

Who Needs Sets & Costumes When You Have Patti Bringing Vocals & Acting to Norma's Big Moment

It Takes a Three-Camera Shoot To Capture The Glory of Lillias White in The Life

Is It a Broadway Bootleg If It's From a One-Night-Only Concert of Dreamgirls from 2001?

Get Ready to Hold Your Heart & Aw at Everyone's Favorite Titanic Moment

Christine Ebersole "Can't Say No" But She Can Make You LOL

Jesus and Judas Sing Counterpoint in This Feel-Good Godspell Classic

Adriane Lenox Has Some Advice For All You Ladies Out There

Consider This an Open Plea for Reba to Return to Broadway

The Broadway Musical Tommy in 12 Minutes

Praise Hands for Liz McCartney's Taboo Torch Song

Faith Prince & Nathan Lane Fight Guys & Dolls Style

The Ultimate Aussie "Lily's Eyes"

Mary Testa Is a Homeless Woman Who Can Belt

Madeline Kahn Remains a Complete Original and a Comedy Icon

Nell Carter Serves You a Tony-Winning Pout for "Mean To Me"

Tick, Tick...BOOM! Took Their Epic Phone Fight to The Today Show

Bernadette Peters Walking Out the Stage Door at Sunday in the Park Is Mood & Goals All at Once

Jeremy Jordan & Claybourne Elder Speed Into Our Hearts at 100 MPH

Cry-Baby Crazy Alli Mauzey Steals the Show

Alice and Emily Share Their Side Show Dreams

Ben Platt Covers Spring Awakening at the Piano

Dorothy Loudon Rips Your Heart Out with "Fifty Percent"

It's All About Bea Arthur's Delivery During "Conga" From Wonderful Town

Closing Out with 40 Minutes Worth of Clips from the Original Broadway Production of Angels in America