Six Videos We Are LIVING For Right Now, and So Will You

Last updated January 11th, 2017 by BroadwayBox Staff
Six Videos We Are LIVING For Right Now, and So Will You

We're saving you the deep dive on YouTube, because these are the six videos you should be watching right now.

Christopher Jackson & Lin-Manuel Miranda sing “One Last Time” from Hamilton

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: This cuts especially deep rn. Legit choked up. Seeing President Obama nodding along to Chris Jackson’s smooth vocals at 1:32 and 1:56. And that ending at 4:35 😢 😢 😢

Chris McCarrell sings “Good Kid” from The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: Well damn, Mr. McCarrell, with those big, soaring notes. I am feeling it AF. I especially loved the quiet, emo moment starting at 3:07.

James Snyder & Margo Seibert Bring Love Actually to In Transit

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: I thought this was fun and really clever. One of the critics called the show Love Actually on a subway, and this adorable video found a way to play on that and feel topical, i.e., 1:45.

The Color Purple Cast Sings “Total Praise” at the Final Curtain Call

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: Yes, this happened Sunday, and yes, the show is closed; but it might be years until I am over Tony winners Cynthia Erivo and Jennifer Holliday doing a riff-off right in the middle of church. The shift begins at 2:15 and even my heathen heart felt the spirit by 3:25. When they take the flowers away, you know these ladies mean serious business.

Daveed Diggs Sings “Rubber Duckie” on Sesame Street

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: When the Hamilton Tony winner starts rapping 30 seconds in, I nearly fell off my chair.

Meet The Play That Goes Wrong Cast

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: I must say, this is our introduction to the cheeky group of Brits, and it totally made me want to see this Olivier-winning comedy even more. It was a laugh riot straight-through.