Seven Questions About Dear Evan Hansen, Connor Murphy, Newsies & More with Mike Faist

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Seven Questions About Dear Evan Hansen, Connor Murphy, News…

Mike Faist stars as misunderstood teenager Connor Murphy in the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. It's his second time in a big blockbuster show, having made his debut originating the role of Morris Delancey in Disney's hit adaptation of Newsies. Off-Broadway, Faist appeared in the non-musicals A Month in the Country and Appropriate.

Mike Faist- New York- Theater- Actor
Photo by Matthew Murphy & Joan Marcus

BroadwayBox caught up with Mike to talk about playing Connor, life backstage at Dear Evan Hansen, and his Gene Kelly dream role.

1. What was the most important or impactful thing you read when you were developing the character of Connor? is a website devoted to suicide attempt survivors that’s goal is to break down the stigma that goes along with mental health disorders. In my perfect world it would be mandatory reading for all those who see Dear Evan Hansen.

2. What’s your favorite thing to do backstage? How do you pass the time when we don’t see Connor?
I’m reading. I a huge reader and I often listen to music.

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3. You’ve said how inspired you are by Gene Kelly. If you could play any Gene Kelly role onstage, what would it be?
Joseph Brady in Anchors Aweigh.

4. Did you keep anything cool or special from Newsies?
I have some things that I will not mention for fear of the Mouse finding out.

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5. What’s a line from the show you think about most outside the theatre?
After "To Break In a Glove", Larry says to Evan, “Your dad must feel lucky to have a son like you.”

Michael Park- Dear EVan Hansen- to Break in a glove
Photo by Matthew Murphy

6. What’s your prep for Connor like? What do you do when you arrive at the theatre?
I listen to music. Mostly Chet Baker and The Smiths.

7. What are three things you need for a two-show-day at Evan Hansen?
Food. A nap. Coffee.

Dear Evan Hansen Marquee
Photo by Emilio Madrid-Kuser

Don't miss Mike Faist as Connor in 'Dear Evan Hansen' at Broadway's Music Box Theatre.