Cruel Intentions Star Carrie St. Louis Takes On Seven Questions About '90s Crushes, Idols, Movies, & More

Last updated February 14th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
Cruel Intentions Star Carrie St. Louis Takes On Seven Quest…

Carrie St. Louis (Rock of Ages, Wicked) stars as the virtuous Annette Hargrove in the hit off-Broadway musical adaptation of the cult '90s film Cruel Intentions

, and her big 11 o'clock number, an incredibly sung cover of Jewel's "Foolish Games", legit stops the show. In keeping with the show's extended title "The '90s Musical Experience", BroadwayBox caught up with Carrie to get her take on all things epically '90s.

1. What’s your first memory of Cruel Intentions movie?
It would have to be the pool scene with Ryan Phillippe's full bum showing! I remember thinking that was so scandalous! And now, (spoiler alert), I get to re-live it every night! Do I have the best job or what?

Cruel Intentions Ryan Phillippe Pool Butt GIF

2. You’re at a wedding or party and requesting one '90s song from the DJ, what do you pick and why?
"Mambo #5". Always. I don't even think it needs an explanation, that song is a JAM.

3. Describe ‘90s Carrie in three words:
Energetic, Determined, Happy.

4. Who was your idol in the ‘90s? Who did you want to grow up to be?
My idol(s) were definitely Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Not only were they Full House superstars, but they also had an entire movie franchise where they got to travel all over the world and have epic adventures (Passport to Paris, Winning London, Holiday in the Sun—DREAMS). I remember wanting to grow up to be just like Topanga (Danielle Fishel) from Boy Meets World. She was just the coolest chick.

Mary Kate and Ashley GIF

5. What movie from the '90s can you quote every word to? What did you love so much about it?
This is random but my favorite movie of all time has always been Patch Adams starring Robin Williams. It's based on a true story about Hunter "Patch" Adams who founded a free community hospital called the Gesundheit! Institute because he wanted to help people. My father is the most brilliant doctor (and man!) I know, and Robin Williams has always reminded me of him, so I really respond to that film. It's hilarious, heartbreaking, and uplifting.

6. Your ultimate ‘90s crush?
JTT. Jonathan. Taylor. Thomas. I had the most '90s poster of him in my room. I think I waited about a month into the show before I finally asked Patricia about him. I casually dropped it into conversation like, "So...what is Jonathan really like?" She couldn't have more wonderful words to say about him which just made me so happy. What a cutie.


7. In your opinion, what’s the ultimate ‘90s TV show theme song?
“Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. I mean, come ON! That's too easy. If you can't sing that theme song word for word, did you really grow up in the '90s?

Don't miss Carrie St. Louis in Cruel Intentions at (le) Poisson Rouge through March 16.

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