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Meet the Magician: The Illusionists' James More

December 17th, 2015 by

Meet the Magician: The Illusionists' James More

The international hit magic spectacular The Illusionists is back on Broadway for the holiday season with an all-new show at the Neil Simon Theatre, and brand-new for New York audience this year is , James More, a former Britain's Got Talent star known as The Deceptionist.

BroadwayBox continues its weekly Meet the Magician series as we get to know James More.

1. The first trick or illusion I ever learned was:
The first trick I ever learnt was something I created from an old shoebox at 8 years old. A spectator would select a playing card, I would then place their chosen card and the others into the shoe box and ask for it to be shaken. When the cards were mixed, I reached inside and without looking; I pulled out the chosen card. It wasn’t the slickest looking illusion and involved a lot of sticky tape. However, I remember even some adults having trouble trying to work out the method and that had a big impact to an eight-year-old James.


2. The moment I knew I wanted to pursue this professionally was:
Even at this young age, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue into older age. We’re always asked as kids what we want to be when we grow up. I would always say, “A magician”. I guess that decision never changed for me.

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3. Greatest thing about being part of The Illusionists’ Band of Brothers:
The greatest thing about being a part of The Illusionists is taking to the stage every night with some of my heroes and also now people I call my friends. I would watch Raymond Crowe on TV when I was a young boy in England and now I get to stand side by side with him, on a stage and learn from the master himself. What a privilege that is!

4. My favorite film, TV show or play about a magician is:
My favourite movie about magic has to be The Prestige. I’m fascinated by that time period in magic and history. So much was being created within my art and magicians at the end of the 19th century were like the pop stars of today.

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5. My favorite city in the world to perform in:
Every city I travel to and perform offers something different. For me it’s the people that make a place. The great thing about magic is, it’s a visual art that transcends all language barriers and it connects with people all over the world. I don’t necessarily have a favourite place to perform my magic, as I love to perform anywhere I can. However, being on Broadway is certainly a massive highlight in my career and something I will never forget.

Rain or shine - the first preview crowd was ready for the magic! #TheIllusionists

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6. One thing I always have with me when I travel:
One thing I always have when I travel is music. I actually could not live without it. Music allows me to escape into my thoughts when I need to. It has a big impact on the creative process when I work. I even create magic around lyrics to songs.

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7. Person who inspires me professionally:
I have a number of people who inspire me professionally but if I had to choose one it would be David Copperfield. As an entertainer and businessman he is just pure brilliance. In the last 30 years, no one has been close to the guy as a magical entertainer. Some may be more “famous” in the public eye as of late, but no one has pushed the boundaries of magic and been nearly as skilled as a live performer, in my humble opinion.

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See James More making his Broadway debut alongside the other fantastic Illusionists at the Neil Simon Theatre through January 3, 2016.