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Inspired by Phalaris’s Bull: 20 Broadway Riddles We Want Solved

December 16th, 2015 by

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Inspired by Phalaris’s Bull: 20 Broadway Riddles We Want ...
In the new off-Broadway play Phalaris’s Bull: Solving the Riddle of the Great Big World, Harvard-educated, molecular biologist, visual artist and provocative underground philosopher Steven Friedman actually answers all of life’s big questions in his quest to fulfill Einstein's ambition "to solve the riddle of the great, big world."

Sam Friedman- off-Broadway- Phalaris’s Bull: Solving the Riddle of the Great Big World

Photo by Gerald Slota

And that’s great, but we have 20 Broadway questions we’d like to add to the list.

1. What crimes could Madame Giry be charged with in connection to the events at the Opéra Populaire?

2. What was Velma Kelly’s trial like? How did Billy get her off?

Velma Kelly- Broadway- Chicago-

Photo by Jeremy Daniel

3. How much did Cosette remember of her life before Valjean? Can she just block all that Thenardier trauma completely?

4. Does Lola from Kinky Boots watch RuPaul’s Drag Race? Has she considered auditioning for the upcoming U.K. season?

5. How would you classify Monty Navarro psychologically?

Bryce Pinkham- GIF- Gentleman's Guide- Broadway- Eyebrow GIF- Raised eyebrow GIF

6. What was Kate’s secret in Allegiance to living such a long life?

7. If we stare at an object long enough, what is the statistical chance we can move it like Matilda?

8. Was Jason possessed in Hand to God or not?!


Photo by Joan Marcus

9. What would philosophers say about the eternal appeal of Neverland?

10. Does Eliza ever find out that her sister had been writing to Hamilton for years?

11. What would have happened to the Carbone family if the Italian relatives never visited?

12. Does Henri find love in An American in Paris? Did he ever get his big break?

Max von Essen GIF- An American in Paris GIF

13. What would the NYT have thought of Omelet the Musical?

14. Is Greg having a nervous breakdown since he can actually hear Sylvia or is he like the dog whisperer?

15. What kind of DIY soundproofing would be needed for other classrooms not to hear “Stick it to the Man” and “You’re in the Band”?

16. What happens to all the King’s wives other than Lady Thiang, mother of the new king, after his death?

King and I

Photo by Paul Kolnik

17. What would be the union rules about switching a show from a Broadway theatre to a nearby Navy vessel?

18. But who do Shprintze and Bielke end up with?

19. How exactly do a scarecrow and a green witch manage to fly under the radar for the rest of their lives?

20. How does the flying carpet work in Aladdin?


See Steven Friedman muse about way more important questions in Phalaris’s Bull: Solving the Riddle of the Great Big World at Theatre Row’s Beckett Theatre.