Matilda's Singular Sensation: Jennifer Bowles

Last updated March 22nd, 2016 by Josh Ferri
Matilda's Singular Sensation: Jennifer Bowles

BroadwayBox continues our Singular Sensation series, spotlighting New York's most mesmerizing ensemble members, with Matilda

standout Jennifer Bowles (who savvy NYC audiences know for playing the title role in Encores! recent revival of Irma La Duce).
Jennifer Bowles GIF- Irma La Douce

In Matilda, Bowles catches your eye dancing up a storm in the ensemble and breaking your heart as The Acrobat; she also understudies Mrs. Phelps and Miss Honey.

Jennifer Bowles- Matilda- Broadway- Musical

Read on as Jennifer talks life at Matilda, game-changing theatre, and bringing American Idiot to the subways.

1. The moment in Matilda I look forward to every night:
I always look forward to "Revolting Children." Those lyrics are hugely empowering, and I love the explosiveness of the choreography. Plus a confetti cannon buttons the number, so how could you not look forward to a moment like that!

Revolting children GIF- Matilda GIF- Matilda Broadway GIF

2. Broadway show that changed my life the first time I saw it:
This is totally cheating, but I can't choose just one! I'll go in chronological order: 1. The Pillowman. I saw that when I first moved to New York, and it was the most interesting, spooky, play I had ever seen. Plus, the acting was off the charts brilliant.


2. Exit the King. I was in the front row, and Geoffrey Rush stared me down (for what felt like minutes) right before he delivered a giant beautiful monologue directly to the audience. I was transfixed by his performance and how seamlessly the play juggled humor and mortality.


3. American Idiot. I have to include this one because it very literally changed my life. The music, orchestrations, choreography, and actors spoke to me in a way that no other musical ever had, so it was a dream making my Broadway debut in a show that meant so much to me.


3. My biggest Matilda pinch-me moment has been:
Performing on the Thanksgiving Parade was a huge pinch me moment. Also, playing the role of Miss Honey for my parents and best friends has provided a good number of pinch me moments in the past couple of years!

4. Job that got me my equity card:
In 2007, I did a lovely musical called The Sixth Borough written by Will Reynolds and Eric Price. My roommate at the time, Zach Prince, set that experience into motion, so I have him to thank for my Equity card!

The Sixth Borough- Musical- Jennifer Bowles

5. Special skill on my resume I'm most proud of:
My impressions of Donald Duck and Gollum are dead on. So, yeah, I'm pretty proud of that. :)

My precious GIF

6. Cast recording I've completely choreographed in my head:
I haven't choreographed a cast recording in my head, though I do enjoy giving the American Idiot recording a listen on occasion. So there's a slight chance you could catch me veeeerry subtly doing the "Letterbomb" shoulder choreography on the subway.

Letterbomb GIF- American Idiot Gif- Broadway

Head over to Broadway's Shubert Theatre to see Jennifer Bowles tear it up in the hit musical Matilda.