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Trip of Love Dancer Daniel Lynn Evans Serves '60s Supermodel Realness

Last updated March 18th, 2016 by Daniel Lynn Evans
Trip of Love Dancer Daniel Lynn Evans Serves '60s Supermode…

Daniel Lynn Evans is completely mesmerizing in his NYC debut as a dancer in the sexy off-Broadway extravaganza Trip of Love

. Evans, who was a former backup dancer to Debbie Gibson and flying trapeze instructor, teamed up with DAG Photography for a stunning photoshoot of all Evans' 1960s-inspired Gregg Barnes costumes.
Daniel Lynn Evans- DAG Photography- Trip of Love

Put on some of your favorite '60s tunes and scroll on.

“In-a Gadda Da Vida”

If you had told me at the beginning of my career that I’d be making my New York Theater debut by dancing almost naked in a light-up human lava lamp, I definitely would’ve started going to the gym a lot sooner! The shorts are so small that I have to actually push my dancebelt down so that it’s not sticking out of the top but they’ll also completely see through so not wearing a dancebelt isn’t an option.


This is my surfboard. His name is Bruce. Every show as I climb on top of Bruce I great him with a hearty “G’Day Bruce!” and then let myself sink into him and mentally prepare myself to do a 7-minute dance.

“These Boots Are Made for Walking”

I’ve named this character Bennett. He’s the choreographer of the 1960’s television show Shindig and he’s not here to mess around. He means business and doesn’t take any sass.

“These Boots Are Made for Walking”

“Boots” is my favorite number because I get to play three completely different characters in less than 5 minutes. The 15-second head-to-toe costume change can be a little nerve wracking at times but getting to play someone completely different every time I reenter and feel completely worth it.

“These Boots Are Made for Walking”

This is my favorite dance in the show! Mostly because it involves A LOT of hair whipping, but also because it’s the “TV show” portion of the number where we get to dance with all of the love and excitement of making a live television debut, something I hope to accomplish in my own career some day.

“Where Have All the Flowers Gone”

For some reason, it was decided that the notebook that I carry in this number is brightly colored and floral print while one of the girls carries a plain brown one. Not sure why, but I like to pretend like it’s my dairy and I sometimes look up at the sky and think “Are you there God? It’s me, Dannilynn…”

“Up, Up and Away”

In my initial costume fitting for these leather pants there was apparently some kind of mix-up in the alterations and instead of taking them in they were let out. So for our first month of performances I had some make-shift suspenders keeping my pants from falling to the floor. Luckily all I do in the number is stand and sing and make sure the other actors are clipped into the balloon before it flies.


Daniel Lynn Evans- DAG Photography- Trip of Love

A few years back I was dealing with some old sublet issues in housing court downtown and it was equal parts not fun and incredibly frustrating. At one point I got so fed up that I just stood in the street and screamed “Petula Clarke lied! No one here is waiting for me!!!”

“A Sign of the Times”

This costume was originally designed for a dance to the theme song from the original Batman TV series. At some point in the initial workshopping of the show the dance was cut but they loved the costumes so much they left them in for the finally. The Batman theme is still in the show, but now it’s just our final bow and play-off music.

Daniel Lynn Evans- DAG Photography- Trip of Love

See Daniel Lynn Evans wow the crowd in Trip of Love at off-Broadway's Stage 42.