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Bow Down to Disaster! Scribe Jack Plotnick’s Alter Ego, Evie Harris

March 23rd, 2016 by

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Bow Down to Disaster! Scribe Jack Plotnick’s Alter Ego, E...

Award-winning actor, director, and performance coach Jack Plotnick is the co-writer and director of the new Broadway musical Disaster!. He shaped this New York Times critic pick and gave NY audiences the joy of Faith Prince winking, gyrating, and shouting obscenities with a scarf in her mouth. And while that’s reason enough to love him, it doesn’t compare to the joy his alter ego Evie Harris brings on a daily basis.

Jack Plotnick- Evie Harris- Broadway

Evie was the breakout star of the cult film Girls Will Be Girls. Evie Harris’ deal is that she was a big star in the 1970s who has since become more famous as a lush than as the breakout star of Asteroid #ItsHuge

Evie Harris- Martini GIF

Evie Harris- GIF

Soon after, there was the hilarious (if only slightly uncomfortable) Evie Harris Christmas spinoff, Christmas Evie.

Now, Evie Harris' comeback is in full swing with a Girls Will Be Girls sequel wrapped and several episodes of a webseries available online.

Evie is so hot right now, she's even embraced new technology with her hilarious and wildly un-PC Twitter account, a few gems of which are featured below.

Evie Harris Twitter

Evie memorably appeared with Jack’s Disaster! co-author Seth Rudetsky on Seth’s series Obsessed.

Basically, if Evie makes you laugh, go see Disaster! at the Nederlander Theatre; and if Disaster! makes you laugh, do yourself a favor and find Girls Will Be Girls on DVD.