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Fashion For Every Season! Lora Lee Gayer Offers a Look at Her Gorgeous Holiday Inn Costumes

November 4th, 2016 by

Fashion For Every Season! Lora Lee Gayer Offers a Look at...

One of the cool things about being the leading lady of a musical like Broadway's Holiday Inn (which spans a little more than a year in the lives of its characters) is you get beautiful Alejo Vietti period costumes for every holiday and season.

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Lora Lee Gayer (Follies, Doctor Zhivago) stars in Holiday Inn as Linda Mason, a local school teacher and a reluctant breakout star who steals the heart of Bryce Pinkham's Jim while sparking the Hollywood dreams of his buddy, Corbin Bleu's Ted.

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BroadwayBox enlisted the help of Gayer to get a better look at some of the absolutely stunning costumes she wears throughout the show. Find out which ones she plans to steal, which are best for passport photos, and which she is not wearing anything underneath.

These aren't even all my costumes!!! I have a total of 17 costume changes, many of them are quick changes so it's impossible to get pictures of them while doing the show. Easter, Valentine's Day, July 4th, and other day wear dresses. Alejo can make any woman feel her most beautiful self, I know I do every single time I step into one of his costumes. 

Passport Meet-Cute

This is actually a picture of Linda Mason getting a new passport photo... they told her not to smile. (It's actually my first costume one the show when I first meet Jim aka Bryce Pinkham.) 

Sad Thanksgiving

This is my "sad Thanksgiving" outfit. Sad because I'm all alone eating a sandwich on Thanksgiving. I guess people got really dressed when making a sandwich for themselves. My dresser, Cheryl, wanted to make sure and get a picture of her "perfect Broadway bows"... I mean it's a really good bow.

M.I.A. Coat

I'm stealing this coat... "oh, hey Alejo!"... Alejo Vietti is our incredible costume designer. But seriously this coat will be missing. 

Christmas Tartan

Who doesn't love a tartan plaid? Actually my alma mater's (Carnegie Mellon) mascot was tartan... yes my college's mascot was a textile... really intimidating. This is my Christmas outfit.

New Year’s Eve

This is Linda on her second attempt to get her passport picture taken... something was wrong with the camera the last time... this is what she wears when she's making a sandwich for two people and not just herself. (This is my New Year's dress.)

Nothing Comes Between Me & My Old Fashioned Walk

I'm not wearing anything underneath. (I'm also stealing this coat... I take an "Old Fashioned Walk" with Jim in this get up.)


Spoiler alert!!!! Or is it?! I love this dress... who wouldn't feel like a princess? 

You only have until January 15 to see Lora Lee Gayer working all of these garments (and more!) in 'Holiday Inn' at Roundabout's Studio 54.