Clap If You Believe In Laura Michelle Kelly's Finding Neverland Fashions

Last updated April 19th, 2016 by Laura Michelle Kelly
Clap If You Believe In Laura Michelle Kelly's Finding Never…

Broadway and West End star Laura Michelle Kelly leads the big, beautiful musical Finding Neverland

as Sylvia Llewelyn Davis, a widowed mother of four who inspires (and loves) Peter Pan playwright J.M. Barrie.
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Scroll on as LMK brings BroadwayBox backstage at the Lunt-Fontanne to tell us about all her Suttirat Larlarb Finding Neverland costumes.

This first outfit with the hat is my first outfit the audience sees me in. There used to be a line in the original script about how much I love wild flowers, so the detail of the wild flowers on the blouse makes me so happy. Silvia's a very free spirit and it feels like it expresses that amidst other characters' conservative natures.

My belt has a pocket built in it for a handkerchief that I carry my money in. We couldn't have a handbag so this was an unusual and intriguing solution. Which mirrors Silvia's need to make do with what she has as a mother of four!

This lilac dress and velvet Aubergine/ purple jacket isn't very practical at all actually. I fall over the lace and it really likes to trip me up in the dance, but I actually think that's the point of the dinner party scene—that I let loose and dance wildly even if the dress is in the way!  The lace is stunning up close and the jacket really suits the pattern of the dress. I use pink gloves in the scene in many ways to help express the things I'm saying too. So they were a useful tool in the scene.

Towards the end of the show, as I'm getting sicker, I start to wear a white angelic nightgown, but my favourite robe of all of them is this beautiful brightly colored one I wear in the bows. It says to the audience and myself that Neverland is a beautiful place, and it mirrors the lines I sing about butterflies and letting your cares drift away. It was originally intended for my departure in the glitter tornado but it wouldn't fly so I asked if I could wear it for the bows. Everyone was happy it got to have a showing.

See the luminous Laura Michelle Kelly and all her fabulous frocks in Finding Neverland at Broadway's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.