Tony Nominee Kate Baldwin Takes on Sunday in the Park with George in the Bbox Dreamcast Challenge

Last updated February 22nd, 2016 by Josh Ferri
Tony Nominee Kate Baldwin Takes on Sunday in the Park with …

Kate Baldwin is a Broadway treasure who has slayed time and again with insane vocals in Finian's Rainbow, Giant, Big Fish, John and Jen, and most recently the country musical Songbird.

Next up she heads to Chicago to star in The King and I; but before she goes, Baldwin (and talented pals Matt Doyle, Katie Thompson & Alexander Gemignani) are heading to The Sheen Center for the two-night concert series Kate Baldwin & Friends, celebrating the music of Michael John LaChiusa and Will Van Dyke.

Lucky for us, the golden-voiced Tony nominee is the latest star to take the BroadwayBox dreamcast challenge. The premise is simple: you get two theatre fans together for more than 15 minutes and someone is going to start dreamcasting some revival; but you know what? Actual theatre stars are just as nerdy and do the same things.

What musical are we tackling today, Kate?
Sunday in the Park with George


What was your first introduction to Sunday?
I watched it as part of PBS's Great Performances and was blown away. I saw it at a formative time when I was still gathering ideas about what it means to create and interpret music, theater and art. 


If someone out there doesn’t know this show yet, what’s the one number they should look up to get a sense of it?
The finale of Act 1, “Sunday”.



Okay, let’s jump in. Who are the leads?

Since this is my fantasy, I'm Dot, the street smart, open hearted, intuitive, child-like woman who is George's love and muse.

 There are so many good choices for George. Both my pals Jason Danieley and Alex Gemignani would make fantastic choices. But I'll choose my husband, Graham Rowat, because I've seen his pointillist art (really!) and he'd grow the requisite George beard in about 36 hours. 

What’s the Tony Awards number?  
The glorious song “Sunday”, when the entire painting comes together. It makes me cry every time I hear it.

Sunday in the Park with George GIF

Or the title song, since it's such a thrill to do. I got to perform it with the Boston Pops last year and will remember that night as long as I live.


The song begins at 76:00

What’s the perfect theatre for this revival?
Any theater where it'll run. 


Finally,  describe the poster:
I'll leave that to Graham. Maybe a pointillist rendition of us?

(Poster actually made by Graham Rowat!)

Don't miss the luminous Kate Baldwin as she and friends blow the roof off the Sheen Center with the music of Michael John LaChiusa on Sunday, February 28 and Will Van Dyke on Monday, March 21.