Introduce Yourself(ie): 10 Questions with Fun Home's Small Alison, Gabriella Pizzolo

Last updated February 22nd, 2016 by Gabriella Pizzolo
Introduce Yourself(ie): 10 Questions with Fun Home's Small …

Gabriella Pizzolo stops the Tony Award-winning Best Musical Fun Home

cold with her soaring solo "Ring of Keys". A former Matilda, Pizzolo began as a swing when the production opened on Broadway then took over the role of small Alison this past fall, where she's been wowing audiences ever since.

Get to know one of Broadway's youngest leading ladies a bit better as we talk life at Fun Home, the epic White House performance above, and the most fun, free thing you can do in NYC.

1. Quality of Small Alison I admire:
She is a real kid who is learning things about herself everyday just like most people.

2. My favorite thing to do backstage at Fun Home:
I like to draw and spend time with all the people backstage. I learn from the adults and like to hang out with Oscar, Zell, Presley, and Ali. Also, our guardian, Vanessa, is always coming up with fun things for us to do backstage in our down time.

3. The Fun Home lyric I think about most outside of the theater:
I used to always wonder what a hearse with a backwards seat looked like from the song "Come to the Fun Home". I’ve never been in a hearse. Then, I saw a picture of inside a hearse, and it is interesting. Seriously though, Lisa Kron has written such a beautiful show. The Fun Home lyrics have made me a better person.

4. Most memorable thing someone has said at the stage door:
The people who come to see Fun Home are so supportive. They say the kindest things. Sometimes the people who come make us the most amazing gifts. But…the funniest thing that people say to me, and I get this a lot, is “You were amazing at the Tony’s!” I always tell them, “Thanks! But that was my amazing friend, Sydney”

5. For me, performing at the White House was:
A day that I will never forget. The building was beautiful and full of so much history. I was honored to be a part of an event that was focused on bringing Broadway and performing arts students together. The First Lady was gracious to everyone. She said that she and President Obama have always thought of the White House as a house that belongs to the people. She told us that we were celebrating in OUR house. I will never forget that day!

6. My favorite Matilda memory has to be:
It is really hard to narrow my Matilda experience down to one favorite memory. We had so many amazing experiences and opportunities during that time. Looking back on it now, I am grateful for all of it, but it is the people that I met and the friendships that I made that have really made the biggest impact on my life.

7. Role I’d love to play in 25 years:
I am so happy playing small Alison right now that I feel completely fulfilled. If I am lucky enough to be doing this job in 25 years, I hope that I am playing a new role that hasn’t been created, yet.

8. Right now my favorite movie is:
Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart. It is available instantly on Netflix, and it has the most beautiful ending to a movie I have ever seen. That just sounded like a commercial.

9. The most played album on my iTunes is:
Should I be embarrassed to say that I don’t use iTunes? I don’t know. Call me old fashioned. During my commute we listen to whatever is on the radio, cast recordings, or books on cd. We just listened to the first half of the novel, 11.22.63, and I can’t wait to see where this story is going.

10. Outside of performing, my favorite thing to do in NYC is:
It may just be riding the elevators at the Marriott Marquis. It is free and fun!

Get over to Broadway's Circle in the Square Theatre and have Gabriella Pizzolo take your breath away in 'Fun Home'.