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With Twitter and YouTube, Jennifer Ashley Tepper Introduces You to All 10 New Musicals at 54

January 26th, 2016 by

With Twitter and YouTube, Jennifer Ashley Tepper Introduces…

Everyone loves a good 54 Sings ___ and now Broadway's living room, Feinstein's/54 Below, ushers in a new, exciting wave of programming with New Musicals at 54—10 musicals you don't know yet but are bound to fall in love with. The only question remains, how do you know exactly which of the 10 are up your alley?

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BroadwayBox recruited Feinstein's/54 Below's Director of Programming, Jennifer Ashley Tepper, to introduce and describe each of these show's plots in only a tweet-length (140 characters) and provide us with a view preview. (Sidenote: '17 Again', 'Sleepy Hollow' & 'An Americain Boy' don't have any videos on YouTube, so those are videos of the writers' work from other shows.). Now scroll on to meet 54's Class of 2016.

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An Americain Boy

By Amanda Green and Richard Thomas. Running January 26.

Musical- 54 Below-An Americain Boy


By Nick Blaemire and Kyle Jarrow. Running February 9.

Musical- 54 Below- Fallout


By Adam Gwon and Sarah Hammond. Running February 16.

Musical- 54 Below- String

Be More Chill

By Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz. Running February 23.

Musical- 54 Below- Be More Chill

17 Again

By Alan Zachary, Michael Weiner, and Marco Pennette. Running March 3.

Musical- 54 Below- 17 Again

Sleepy Hollow

By Hunter Foster and Paul Gordon. Running March 8.

Musical- 54 Below- Sleepy Hollow

The Crazy Ones

By Zack Zadek and Alexander Pototsky. Running March 15.

Musical- 54 Below- The Crazy Ones

A Strange Loop

By Michael R. Jackson. Running April 26.

Musical- 54 Below- A Strange Loop

Funked Up Fairy Tales

By Kirsten Childs. Running May 31.

Musical- 54 Below-  Funked Up Fairy Tales

Big Red Sun

By Georgia Stitt and John Jiler. Ran at 54 already on January 19.

Musical- 54 Below- Big Red Sun

Got it? Good. Now go book your shows and see some (or all) of these exciting, new musicals live.