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Seven Questions With

Greg Keller Takes On Seven Questions About Twins, Moms, & Our Mother's Brief Affair

January 28th, 2016 by

Greg Keller Takes On Seven Questions About Twins, Moms, & O…

Greg Keller returns to Broadway as the lovable narrator, Seth (Linda Lavin's obit-writing gay son), in Richard Greenberg's family comedy Our Mother's Brief Affair

. BroadwayBox caught up with the charming and funny Wit, Belleville, & Cradle and All alum for seven fun, random questions all about the show.

1. I would describe 15-year-old me as:
Kind of a jock, in that I was a bad student and played three sports. But I went to Hunter High School (alma mater of Lin Manuel Miranda and Bobby Lopez), so we weren't as much of a sports powerhouse as we were a musical theatre powerhouse. But I didn't really discover theater until college when I didn't make the basketball team. And the last musical I was in was West Side Story in 6th grade. I don't know why Lin or Bobby haven't called.

High school musical gif- basketball

2. TV mom I adored growing up:
Alice, c'mon. I hope I'm half the son to Linda that Phil McKeon was.

3. My most cherished Juilliard memory is:
I went to Juilliard as a playwright, but have been doing more acting since, so just the fact that someone considered me a playwright is kind of a cherished memory. Just kidding, I have a new play hitting the streets soon. I very much cherish the opportunity I had, to sit in a room with Marsha Norman and Chris Durang and eight amazing playwrights and read a play every Wednesday and talk about it, and talk about the world.

4. My favorite Linda Lavin moment in the show:
There's a scene where I'm trading barbs with my mom (actually it's not a good trade, I'm mostly receiving them from her), and the last thing she says is "you were the only twins in the neighborhood" and makes a grossed-out face that eventually makes my character crack a smile. Every night she gets grossed out by our twin-ness in a slightly different way. It's very easy to find funny. But choosing a favorite Lavin moment is like choosing a favorite child. Well, if you're Linda's character in the show, choosing a favorite child isn't that tough. It's me.

Greg Keller GIF- Linda Lavin GIF- Our Mother's Brief Affair GIF

5. Pop culture’s ultimate pair of twins is:
Maybe the Winklevosses? Or the Olsens? Who's richer? They've started a new paradigm of uber-rich twins. And they both would be even richer if not for a couple evil forces. For the Winklevosses it was Zuckerberg stealing their idea, and for Mary-Kate and Ashley it was getting older than nine years old.


6. My pre and post-show ritual includes:
I usually have a cup of Yogi Throat Comfort tea before the show. Even if my throat is fine it's a delicious tea. So many layers of flavor. Do you think this could get me a sponsorship deal with Yogi? And I usually have a glass of wine after. Do you think I could get sponsored by Pinot Noir? When was the last time an actor got sponsored by a grape?

Pinot Noir

7. I knew I had to be a part of Our Mother’s Brief Affair because:
I think it's a beautiful and hilarious play. I've always wanted to be in a Richard Greenberg play ever since I saw Three Days of Rain with Patricia Clarkson, Bradley Whitford, and John Slattery, almost 20 years ago. I've been a devoted Greenberg fan ever since. And I get to talk to the audience. I had never done that before. It's harder than it looks. I always get upset in a direct address play when I feel like people aren't really talking to the audience, but then when you're up there you realize that you can't see a thing because there are bright lights in your eyes. I'll never judge again.

Three Days of Rain-

Photo by Joan Marcus & Bruce Glikas

See Greg Keller talking to the audience and smiling at Linda Lavin in MTC's Our Mother's Brief Affair at Broadway's Samuel J. Friedman Theatre through March 6.