The Visit Star Jason Danieley Shares His 10 Ultimate Tony Performances

Last updated June 5th, 2015 by Jason Danieley
The Visit Star Jason Danieley Shares His 10 Ultimate Tony P…

Jason Danieley has leant his incredible, soaring voice to the Broadway musicals Candide (Theatre World Award), Curtains, The Full Monty (ugh, how perfect is "You Walk with Me" or the Carole King/Carly Simon section of "Big-Ass Rock"?!), Next to Normal (alongside his talented wife, Marin Mazzie) and now the Tony-nominated new musical The Visit—where he stops the show with his big song "I Was The Only One". Now, just in time for the 69th Annual Tony Awards, the Broadway standout shares 10 of his all-time favorite Tony performances.

1. The Full Monty, 2001

How can you not put yourself on this list?… modesty?… feh! It was fun as hell and as you can tell the audience sure had fun too. I mean, look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s reaction. Priceless. And our dear and beloved Kathleen Freeman introducing us… memories :)

2. Grand Hotel, 1990

This fascinating score by Robert Wright and George Forrest with additional music by Maury Yeston still holds up. Nothing beats the comic brilliance of Michael Jeter. I LOVE this show and admired Brent already but after this it sealed the deal.

3. The Mystery of Edwin Drood, 1986

One of my all time favorite shows. Funny, witty and charming as hell just like the man who wrote the whole thing himself, Rupert Holmes.

4. Ragtime, 1998

Okay, I can hear the collective rolling of your eyes out there… “Danieley ever hear of nepotism?” This would have to be on anyone’s top 10 list even if my wife wasn't the female lead. The score, the incredible staging (Thank you Graciela Daniele who also did Drood!) I remember this vividly, sitting in the audience that night.

5. Big River, 1985

I’m a Missouri boy. My home is, almost literally, a stones throw from the Mississippi. Mark Twain’s stories and particularly Huckleberry Finn are deeply engrained in my DNA. Combining that with an incredible Country/Broadway score sung authentically by Dan Jenkins and Ron Richardson… HEAVEN! I also love the story of two men, despite color and any other things that make them “different” from one another, come together as friends—good friends.

6. The Secret Garden, 1991

The lush, gorgeous score of Lucy Simon the beautiful singing of Rebecca Luker, Mandy Patinkin, Robert Westenberg and the endearing and captivating Daisy Eagan. I’m a sucker for romance, especially with dead loved ones.

7. Starmites, 1989

I don’t mean to sound catty but I saw this with my cast from Six Flags over Mid-America at the time (senior in high school). It was a real bonding experience. I learned what “camp” meant and what all the gay guys were into (most of them wanted to be The Diva—or at least they sent her up for the rest of the summer.) It also gave me hope that if this was on Broadway, there was a chance for us show kids in the mid-west to get there someday, because Starmites kind of looked like what we were already doing. So much for not sounding catty.

8. Sunday in the Park With George, 1984

I can’t say enough how this show changed my life. It is the most beautiful and poignant story and score for an artist. The performances of this entire cast was, and remains, breathtaking. I am forever indebted to Steve and James for giving us this gift.

9. Passion, 1994

Okay—okay!!! Another Marin Mazzie nominated performance clip? YES! Why do you think I fell in love with her? We have the exact same artistic bent. I was passionate about this musical before I even knew her. A NEW Sondheim show and I was in New York to see it. This still remains an incredible love story and gorgeous and lush score.

10. City of Angels, 1990

Cy Coleman! The man wrote an incredible jazz/Broadway score and David Zippel’s brilliantly witty lyrics with Larry Gelbart’s script. Greg Edelman, Jimmy Naughton, Randy Graff giving it all which is a HELL of a lot. Sexy and strong.

See Jason Danieley’s superb performance in the five-time Tony-nominated musical 'The Visit' at Broadway’s Lyceum Theatre.