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Introduce Yourself(ie): Get to Know The Woodsman Leading Lady, Eliza Martin Simpson

February 8th, 2016 by

Introduce Yourself(ie): Get to Know The Woodsman Leading La…

Oz fans have a new NYC destination, off-Broadway's The Woodsman

. The Tin Man's backstory comes to life in this stunning adaptation of the L. Frank Baum tale that merges puppetry, music and pantomime. The show stars creator James Ortiz as the woodsman who becomes the Tin Man and Eliza Martin Simpson as Nimmee, the young woman he loves who is also the prisoner of the Wicked Witch of the East.

Below, BroadwayBox gets to know Eliza Martin Simpson better as we talk about the world of The Woodsman, Oz, and her other life as a dialect coach.

1. The thing I love most about the world of Oz in The Woodsman is:
The soundscape. You hear breath, birdsong, chopping, singing, and storms. 

2. The word, phrase or image I kept returning to as I created Nimmee is:
Ferrel. She's a wild creature who's had to take care of herself.

3. Movie, play or TV show about witches I loved most growing up was:
Wicked. Surprised?

4. My favorite piece of imagery from the iconic Wizard of Oz movie:
The Wicked Witch of the West. Her face. Good God. 

5. If I could impart one piece of wisdom about tackling a dialect:
It would be choose good source material. With YouTube you can find native speakers so you can adopt more than just sounds. You can mimic gesture, cadence, and attitude. 

6. The dialect I find myself slipping into the most (just for fun or in casual convo):
Tennessee/Appalachia. It's familiar and so expressive. 

7. Something I am really passionate about outside of performing:
Creating new work. I started "The Mother Line Story Project" podcast, which invites women to write and perform in the voice of an ancestor.

8. TV show that I could watch at least an episode of a day:
Parks and Recreation.

9. Role I played in high school or college that I loved most:
Rizzo in Grease. Big hair. Pink Jacket. So much FUN.