Hot Clip of the Day: The Rockettes' Jazzy Collab with Verdon/Fosse Legacy

Last updated August 5th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
Hot Clip of the Day: The Rockettes' Jazzy Collab with Verdo…

Photo by The Radio City Rockettes

Each day, the Bbox team trolls YouTube for the hot clip—sometimes it's a brand-new moment and sometimes it's a throwback to an oldie but goodie. No matter what praise hands are shot up, pearls are clutched and the repeat button is hit.

"All That Jazz" from Chicago (The Rockettes)

Ulterior Motives: Yesterday, the announcement was made that this year there would be no Radio City Christmas Spectular Starring the Radio City Rockettes. This holiday institution has not cancelled a season since the show's first kick on the Radio City Music Hall stage in 1933 however this is due to the coronavirus. We did not want to miss an opportunity to highlight the spectacular dance talent of the extraordinary Rockettes beyond their iconic dancing wooden soldiers and rag dolls. With an assist from the brilliant Verdon/Fosse Legacy reconstructionists and Fosse musical vets Dana Moore and Lloyd Culbreath - the pair worked with The Rockettes on a special Fosse tribute to Chicago's "All That Jazz" as recorded by Miss Liza Minnelli.

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: Fosse fans will be able to easily detect the homages to Sweet Charity and Pippin throughout the number performed with ease and The Rockettes' signature precision. Our ultimate moment would be the signature Fosse chair reveal at 1:02 - 1:10 with those uniform high kicks you might have seen in the Cabaret film's Kit Kat Klub dancing to "Mein Herr"! The Rockettes slay this number!