Hot Clip of the Day: MJ's Elijah Rhea Johnson Brings "Butterflies" from Jackson's INVINCIBLE Album

Last updated March 13th, 2023 by BroadwayBox Staff
Hot Clip of the Day: MJ's Elijah Rhea Johnson Brings "Butte…

Photo by Drew Elhamalawy

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"Butterflies" by Michael Jackson (Elijah Rhea Johnson)

Ulterior Motives:: MJ has a new MJ! The award-winning musical announced this morning that The Lion King Las Vegas and National Tour alum Elijah Rhea Johnson will be filling Tony Award-winner Myles Frost's loafers as MJ in the show beginning April 4th. Johnson was instrumental in developing the role of "Middle Michael" in the workshop process.

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: In August 2012 (11 years ago!), Elijah Rhea Johnson performed the tune "Butterflies" off of Michael Jackson' 2001 album Invincible as the opening act of Kem's Mack & Third concert in Detroit, Michigan to help the homeless. These vocals! The falsetto starting at 2:41?! The dance moves at 2:52?! Our ultimate moment is 1:51 - 2:01 where Elijah's falsetto is gorgeous and effortless. What a preview for what audiences can look forward to seeing onstage at Broadway's Neil Simon Theatre soon!