Ahoy Sailor, Snow, & Clown! Garett Hawe Introduces All His Carousel Characters & Their Ann Roth Costumes

Last updated May 25th, 2018 by Garett Hawe
Ahoy Sailor, Snow, & Clown! Garett Hawe Introduces All His …

Garett Hawe (a standout of Broadway's Newsies, Mary Poppins, & Matilda) is captivating dancing Justin Peck's incredible, Tony-nominated choreography in the 11-time Tony-nominated revival of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel

. Garett catches the audiences' eye in a variety of roles throughout the night, from a balloon-selling clown to smart, young gentleman Enoch Snow Jr. Scroll on as Garett introduces BroadwayBox to each of his Carousel characters and shares a bit about the fantastic, detailed, Tony-nominated Ann Roth costumes they wear.
Garett Hawe GIF- Carousel Broadway Revival Justin Peck Dance GIF- Blow High Blow Low

One of my favorite things about being in this production of Carousel is the wide array of characters I get to portray. Incredibly detailed and meticulously thought out, Ann Roth’s Tony-nominated costumes inform a lot about each character. When I put any of these costumes on, I immediately feel transported into the time period and setting of the play. Take a look!


Garett Hawe - Carousel- Broadway Revival- Ginkgo Clown Ann Roth Costumes

I present to you, Ginkgo the clown! I wear this during “The Prologue”, so it’s the first costume that audiences see me in. When we first started rehearsals, I thought I was just going to be your regular Balloon seller. But then I had my fitting with the genius that is Ann Roth, and a whole new character was presented to me. I took that and ran with it! I think I probably have too much fun in this costume. When else would I ever get to wear something like this!?


Garett Hawe - Carousel- Broadway Revival- Barry Blow High Blow Low

Here is my sailor costume which actually, is underdressed under my clown outfit. I wear this for the big Carousel moment in the prologue, as well as during our show-stopping dance number, “Blow High, Blow Low.” We sweat A LOT in that number, so I’m grateful for the sleeveless vest. Friends who know me know I love a good workout at Barry’s Bootcamp, so I lovingly named my sailor Barry BOATcamp.


Garett Hawe - Carousel- Broadway Revival- Tommy Dancer

Here we have Tommy, the townsperson! It’s probably the most comfortable costume I wear in the show and it might be my favorite too. I just love all the different fabrics and textures. I wear this for “June is Busting Out All Over” as well as the Clambake in Act 2. I’m thinking of stealing the belt and corduroys for myself.

Enoch Snow Jr.

Garett Hawe - Carousel- Broadway Revival- Enoch Snow JR

I play Enoch Snow Jr. in the second act and I gotta say, I feel pretty lucky having Alexander Gemignani and Lindsay Mendez as my onstage parents! This may look like your average three-piece navy suit, but what’s incredible is that everything under the jacket is actually a one-piece jumpsuit! I have about 25 seconds to get into this costume, so the fact that it just zips up the back makes all the difference! Fun fact, I was homeschooled my last two years of high school so I never actually got to attend a real graduation ceremony. Now I get to graduate high school 8 times a week on Broadway! Thank goodness for moisturizer.

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