Five Burning Questions with Fun Home's Tony-Nominated Leading Lady, Beth Malone

Last updated May 19th, 2015 by Josh Ferri
Five Burning Questions with Fun Home's Tony-Nominated Leadi…

Caption: 2015 Tony nominee Beth Malone is giving you a performance you won't forget. Caption: As the narrator of the 12-time-nominated new musical Fun Home, Beth Malone's Alison is the heart and soul of the heartbreaking, groundbreaking musical. Caption: Beth Malone is just as cool and interesting off-stage as her Fun Home character Alison is onstage.

1. This show is so powerful and means so much to so many; what’s the most memorable stage door interaction you’ve had after Fun Home?
There was a straight couple who came up to me after the show, who told me that I looked just like their 15-year-old daughter. They explained that they had come to see the show on their own—without her—because they were trying to understand their daughter better and what she was going through. What amazing parents—the fact that they did that was just so beautiful.

2. Did you and the other Alisons do anything special to bond? If you had to describe each of them as a famous cartoon character, who is Emily and who is Sydney?
We survived tech together, and that was how we bonded! Hours and hours and hours in the dark together. As for cartoon characters, I’d say Sydney is Tigger, and Emily is the Cheshire Cat.

3. Was there a LGBT character that really rocked your world growing up? (Not in a crush way, more in a omg, this is what gay is/could be kind of way.)
No, there wasn’t. And I really wish that there had been. There was an actual void of LGBT heroes, so much so that I didn’t even know the word gay until my friend told me what it was.

4. You rocked the coolest tux opening night of Fun Home, what are you thinking about for the Tony Awards?
Kenneth Cole hooked me up with the most amazing tux for opening night. Vogue is helping dress me for the Tony Awards, and it will be a very different look than my opening night tux.

5. What’s your go-to Seamless order?
I love ordering Thai – spicy coconut shrimp soup is my favorite order on the planet. I just wish I could order a Big Mac from Seamless.

See Beth Malone’s gorgeous, Tony-nominated performance in ‘Fun Home’ at Broadway's Circle in the Square Theatre.