Celebrate Mack & Mabel With Five Killer Versions of “Look What Happened to Mabel”

Last updated October 6th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
Celebrate Mack & Mabel With Five Killer Versions of “Look W…

Jerry Herman & Michael Stewart’s musical Mack & Mabel opened at Broadway’s Majestic Theatre on October 6, 1974. It only ran for 66 performances, but the show racked up eight 1975 Tony nominations, including Best Musical and one for each of its stars, Robert Preston and Bernadette Peters.

Mack & Mabel- Bernadette Peters- Robert Preston- broadway

The show has never been revived—hello, Encores!, this is the show you should be doing with Annaleigh Ashford!—but many actresses have covered Mabel’s soaring I want song “Look What Happened to Mabel”. Here are just five of our favorite renditions you can enjoy whether you love the cult musical or if you have no idea what we are talking about right now (also don't worry about context, the song explains itself).

Megan Mullally

Caroline O'Connor (the Olivier-nominated star of the West End mounting)


Kelli Rabke

Jane Krakowski (LA production)

*Shoutout to Andrea McArdle's incredible version from Jerry's Girls that has no existing audio on the internet.