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Broadway Stars Come Together To Sing Hip-Hop Story Songs for Kids

Last updated November 18th, 2016 by BroadwayBox Staff
Broadway Stars Come Together To Sing Hip-Hop Story Songs fo…

Leave the kids at home and DVR Westworld because Sunday, November 20, Joe's Pub hosts the world premiere performance

of David Reiser's new concept album Little Golden Hooks, a collection of hip-hop story songs for children. A new dad himself, Reiser created songs cool, young parents want to hear and the vocals feature his wife, Caissie Levy, along with Ariana DeBose, Andrew Kober, Lilli Cooper, Derrick Baskin, Rebecca Naomi Jones, & more.

The Joe's Pub Concert titled Parental Guide-ish

will debut the songs, as well as some not-kid-friendly sketches, videos, and stand-up about what the hell it means to be a parent and/or child these days. Get a jump on the one-night-only concert event with some song previews below.

The Little Taxi That Hurried

Little Timmy

Saggy Baggy Elephant

The Little Red Caboose

Check out Reiser, Levy, Jones, DeBose, Kober, & more in Parental Guide-ish at Joe's Pub on November 20.