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Take 60 Seconds to Brighten Your Day with Matilda's Award-Winning #WhenIGrowUp Video

November 4th, 2015 by

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Take 60 Seconds to Brighten Your Day with Matilda's Award-W…

The big moment that can make you laugh and cry at the same time in the award-winning Broadway musical Matilda

comes early in Act II as the children take to their swings to sing "When I Grow Up".
When I Grow Up- Gif- Broadway- Matilda- London

It's a magical musical number, and the geniuses over at AKA NYC have transformed it into a game-changing and award-winning TV spot that reinvents the way Broadway musicals do commercials. It's not just b-roll and pull quotes or audience testimonials anymore! The 60-second #WhenIGrowUp video recently won the agency 2015 International Davey Awards (like the Tonys for ad agency creative achievements) for Art Direction, Editing and Music. So press play and get ready to smile, dance, and maybe tear up.

“We’re very proud of this spot. It’s a benchmark for what we believe Broadway advertising can be,” says AKA NYC Content Director Jamaal Parham. “It’s not enough to tell people about the show, you have to make them feel the emotion that the show delivers.”

'Matilda' continues at Broadway's Shubert Theatre.