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Dancing Through My Resume

#BoysDanceToo: The Guys of Dancing Through My Resume

August 26th, 2019 by

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#BoysDanceToo: The Guys of Dancing Through My Resume

After Good Morning America host Lara Spencer made an on-air comment about Prince George taking ballet class (for which she has since apologized!!), members from the Broadway and dance communities took to social media to squash those negative stereotypes and proudly declare that #BoysDanceToo. On Monday, Lara sat down with three of today’s fiercest male dancers (Robbie Fairchild, Travis Wall and Fabrice Calmels) for a segment about boys who love dance, finding male role models, and how bullying affects them.

Broadway performers (organized by Charlie Williams, Sam Quinn, Alex D. Wong, Wall & Fairchild) led a dance in this morning outside GMA to end stigma and celebrate all those who love to dance.

In celebration of the male dancers who continue to wow us on Broadway, here are all of the guys who have participated in our popular Dancing Through My Resume series. See them dance and hear their stories.

Charlie Williams

Spencer Liff

Tyler Hanes

Jess LeProtto

Brendon Stimson

Dennis Stowe

Cary Tedder

Brian O'Brien

Grasan Kingsberry

Eric Sciotto

Charlie Sutton