You Won't Believe Your Ears as The Book of Merman Star Carly Sakolove Sings Through Ethel Merman's Broadway Resume

Last updated October 31st, 2018 by Carly Sakolove

Killer impressionist and star of the one-woman diva spectacular “I’m Every Woman”, Carly Sakolove delivers a knockout performance as Broadway's ultimate broad Ethel Merman in the new off-Broadway musical The Book of Merman

. The show imagines two Mormon missionaries who just happen to ring the doorbell of stage icon Ethel Merman, and features original lyrics to popular Merman showtunes. But being the theatre nerds we are, BBox was hungry to hear Carly sing some of Merman's biggest, beloved showstoppers, and luckily for us she obliged. Get ready for a jaw-dropping Merman moment as Carly Sakolove sings us through Ethel's Broadway resume. Don't miss Carly live at the St. Luke's Theatre through December 30.