Meet Janie Pompidou! After Midnight’s Karine Plantadit Paints a Picture of a Harlem Queen

Last updated May 16th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Meet Janie Pompidou! After Midnight’s Karine Plantadit Pain…

Tony-nominated dancer Karine Plantadit tore up the floor in Movin’ Out and Come Fly Away, and now she’s stopping the Tony-nominated musical After Midnight as the super fierce Janie Pompidou. Plantadit is nailing that Warren Carlyle choreography, giving audiences a French queen living her life at Harlem’s Cotton Club during the height of the roaring ‘20s. Below, she brings us into the world of Ms. Pompidou, and shows off those killer (and Tony-nominated) Isabel Toledo fashions.

Karine Plantadit

“Meet Janie Pompidou”

Arrival in Harlem, 1932 from Paris.

Janie escaped a very uptight abusive Parisian relationship. Arrival in Harlem where she is looking for Love/ Freedom and this wild RHYTM called Jazz.

“Janie Is Music”

She found the boys, and they happily and elegantly played all of her instruments...

“Janie Loves to Twirl”

If she was a season, she would be spring. If she was an insect, a butterfly. If she was a sound, a long elaborate ripple from the trumpet.

If she was a concept, absolute freedom. If she was a smell, lavender in the south of France in August. If she was an idea, she will blow your mind. If she was an object, an impromptu love letter.

“Janie Dramatic Film Noir Side”

She would die for love.

Janine series- After Midnight- karine

See Karine Plantadit bring Janie Pompidou to life in the Tony-nominated 'After Midnight.'