20 Beautiful & Moving Versions of “No One Else” from The Great Comet

Last updated August 30th, 2017 by Josh Ferri
20 Beautiful & Moving Versions of “No One Else” from The Gr…

Time is seriously running out to see the groundbreaking, Tony-nominated musical Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812

—we are talking mere days and hours left people. To send off this stunning piece of art, BroadwayBox looks at 20 of YouTube’s best versions of Natasha’s big soaring solo “No One Else”—it goes without saying the “You and I” crescendo was a deciding factor on who made the cut.

Denee Benton

Kicking it off with the Tony-nominated star of the Broadway production and her emotionally infused performance. This was from two years ago BroadwayCon, the first time New York got to hear Denee sing from Comet. Major acting moments.

Phillipa Soo

Off-Broadway’s Comet star sang the Barnes & Noble down with her “No One Else”. Come on 2:45 through the “You and I” beginning at 3:52. Come on!

Shoba Narayan

Shoba is Denee’s fierce AF understudy at Broadway’s Great Comet. It’s her B’way debut, and after hearing this she better be back soon. Just wait till she gets to 3:25.

Lauren Zakrin

Lauren (aka one of the best Sherries Rock of Ages ever had) is also understudy to Natasha in Great Comet, and while this video does the performance no favors, it’s ALL ABOUT THESE VOCALS. All that power, all that control. Get it, Lauren!

Devin Lewis

Devin does a really wonderful cover. He adds a frantic energy of a man newly in love—less introspective than the ladies that came before—it feels “Maria” from West Side Story in a way now. Bravo, sir.

Emily Bautista

This performance from the Miss Saigon actress is pretty damn fantastic. That final “You and I” around 3:40.

Maria Clara Cristóvão

You don’t need to speak Portuguese to appreciate this version—also what is this production?

Evynne Hollens

Come through production values! Not only does this look super legit but she sounds AMAZING. Props to whoever directed this video.

Christopher Nolan

Love how much of his range he shows us with this number. Lots of little moments and flair. It all feels so full and layered.

The Playbillies Band

TBQH: I can never resist a Playbillies arrangement. These guys are the best.

Mikki Sodegren

She’s giving a full-out performance here. I’d want to see her in a production somewhere. She gets it.

Josephine Spada

Love the quality of her voice and the performance is so committed and real. Those “You and I’ are

Katy Rea

She really takes you on a journey with this song and it was one well worth going on. Something about the whole thing gives me an Eponine singing "No One Else" instead of "On My Own" flavor.

Andreas Wyder

Wow, Andreas made this sounds like something you could hear on the radio. I’d buy a single of this version.

Mallory Bechtel

Mallory nails it. Love her control, her clear tone. It’s all there.

Madyson Hanton

So operatic and so beautiful.

Rachael Ferrera

This Amazing Grace alum sells the excitement and wonder of the lyrics. She feels like a young woman newly in love.

Christine Cornell

I really like this version. Something about it spoke to me. Maybe the way she’s styled, it makes the song feel fresh.

Jerry Lee

His version of this song sounds do distinct and so classic Broadway. It’s really remarkable how versatile this song could be.

Josh Canfield & Lauren Zakrin

Yes, Lauren appears again but this time she’s with Comet castmate Josh Canfield in a duet arrangement that just had to be included.

Don’t miss ‘Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812’ running at Broadway’s Imperial Theatre through September 3.