10 Inspiring Shows To Take the Kids To Before Back to School

Last updated August 31st, 2017 by BroadwayBox Staff
10 Inspiring Shows To Take the Kids To Before Back to School

Summer is drawing to a close and soon the kids will be back in school—send them off in a big way with one of these family-friendly plays and musicals.

School of Rock

Pump up the kid in your life (or even teen here!) by bringing them to School of Rock. It’s the perfect transition from summer to school show, and it could prove inspiring as they enter the next scholastic year of their lives. The dozen badass kids onstage do it all. It would be hard to leave the Winter Garden without feeling you are able to achieve whatever you put your mind and heart to.

Anastasia or Wicked

Anastasia Wicked Broadway
Photo by Matthew Murphy & Joan Marcus

End the summer on a high note with some pure Broadway magic. Both these shows are anchored with a strong female lead who doesn’t need a leading man to rescue her or help her realize her full potential. There’s also a strong family element in both shows. Both would be great for the middle-school-aged girl in your life.

Addy & Uno

The new musical Addy & Uno uses puppets to share the stories of five children with disabilities (autism, ADHD, visual & hearing impairment, and paraplegia) who use their individual strengths to save the school from bullies. How incredibly uplifting and special.



This original musical tells the story of a 6th grader named Trudy who had a disastrous first day of middle school. Thanks to a little magic, Trudy is replaced by the perfect version of herself, but she soon she learns perfect isn’t always best. Sounds like the perfect show to help put things in perspective for your crazy little overachiever before she/he starts school.

Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic

Puffs Play GIF

Puffs proves every kid is capable of being a hero somehow. If the child has already read all the Harry Potter series, this show will teach them the important life lesson that the exact same story looks wildly different from another angle. If they haven't read the Potter books, no prob! Let them enjoy the show and then introduce the series of books.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The beloved puppet show based on the classic children’s book series is back! If you have a younger child, this show is not only theatrical but could spark an interest in reading the stories the show is based on, including the new edition of Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

The Gazillion Bubble Show or That Chemistry Show! or That Physics Show!

Fan Yang- Gif- Bubble Show

Pick the show that best fits the age of your little science enthusiast—all three offer captivating visuals and interactive audience demonstrations that you’re little one will be talking about through Thanksgiving break.