Watch Muny Magic! Mykal Kilgore Sings The Wiz and Jay Armstrong Johnson & Davis Gaines Do The Fantasticks

Last updated October 24th, 2017 by Josh Ferri
Watch Muny Magic! Mykal Kilgore Sings The Wiz and Jay Armst…

The Muny welcomed back stars from their most recent season—Mykal Kilgore from the Muny’s Jesus Christ Superstar and Jay Armstrong Johnson and Davis Gaines from their Newsies—for a special Muny Magic concert Our Favorite Leading Men Salute the Legends. And while we have barely recovered from their epic, 100th season announcement (seriously!), these videos are just too good not to discuss. First Mykal Kilgore singing “Home” from The Wiz.

I was feeling it from the jump but when he got to that “clean” at :40, I braced myself and buckled up.

Bowie oh dear gif

Then that I know where I’m going at :52 made me fantasize about him doing an insane mashup into “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Hairspray. Just picture it.

From 1:25-1:55 I needed oxygen.

Oxygen GIF violet drag race

Then that ending.

Tyra Damn GIf

Next up, Jay and Davis perform “I Can See it” From The Fantasticks

Now having only seen this show once, this was nearly new to me, but I already living for those out the gate low tones from these guys.

Come through Davis Gaines! He takes off after :45.

Then at 1:45 Jay just simply soars.

Eagle soaring gif

Vocally, this is giving me many flavors of Tony from West Side, which Jay has to play somewhere ASAP.

Yas when the guys come together at 3 PM.


Then that last minute was pure joy.

Rupaul dancing gif