Treat Yourself to Something You'll Love: The She Loves Me Cast Album

Last updated June 10th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
Treat Yourself to Something You'll Love: The She Loves Me C…

Roundabout Theatre Company's Tony-nominated revival of She Loves Me

is thrilling NYC audiences and now generations to come can experience it's glory thanks to the new Sh-K-Boom cast recording. It's so good, I listened to it straight through twice back-to-back. Below, BroadwayBox reacts in animated GIF to hearing each track for the first time.

1. Overture (Orchestra)

She Loves Me - 1
Already so pleasant and sweet.

2. Good Morning, Good Day (Company)

She Loves Me - 2
You really can't help but smile as this song goes on.

3. Sounds While Selling (Company)

Track 3- She Loves Me

4. Days Gone By (Byron Jennings)

She Loves Me-4
Makes you just want to grab someone and waltz.

5. No More Candy (Laura Benanti)

She Loves Me- Laura Benanti- GIF- Marilyn

6. Three Letters (Zachary Levi & Laura Benanti & Company)

Three Letters- She Loves Me
This one has a lot of plot happening here but musically you just want to sway. #Romance

7. Tonight at Eight (Zachary Levi)

Tonight at 8- She Loves Me- Zachary Levi
We're so lucky to have Zachary Levi back on Broadway.

8. I Don’t Know His Name (Laura Benanti & Jane Krakowski)

She Loves Me- Laura Benanti- GIF- Jane Krakowski
Laura AND Jane and both at the top of their game. Dying...

9. Perspective (Michael McGrath)

She Loves Me- Revival Cast Recording
Hell yeah, Michael McGrath!

10. Goodbye, Georg (Company)

She Loves Me -10
Lots of book here but it's drama and it's it great, and they're all so great.

11. Will He Like Me? (Laura Benanti)

Will He Like Me- Laura Benanti- She Loves Me
Good god, yes! That Soprano don't quit, not even for a minute. And the acting. The yearning. Praise.

12. Ilona (Gavin Creel)

Gavin Creel- Ilona- She Loves Me
I want to be Gavin. I want to be Jane. I want to change my address to that jewel box set and just dance around to this.

13. I Resolve (Jane Krakowski)

I Resolve- Jane- She Loves Me
Listening to this album, it occurs to you at some point like "of course it's this good. They are all Tony and Olivier winners, basically."

14. A Romantic Atmosphere (Peter Bartlett & Company)

Romantic Atmosphere- She Loves Me

15. Mr. Nowack, Will You Please… (Zachary Levi & Laura Benanti)

Track 15- She Loves me
Laura Benanti is crushing every boring soprano stereotype.

16. Dear Friend (Laura Benanti)

Laura Benanti- 2016 Tony Awards- She Loves Me- Album
She is slaying this recording in such a way, you're just sitting there like.... Also I'm putting this on my beach playlist 'cause that's how a real theatre nerd rolls.

17. Entr’acte (Orchestra)

She Loves Me- Entreact
Kicking off Act Two like...

18. Try Me (Nicholas Barasch)

Nicholas Barasch- She Loves Me
Showstopper. He better be back on Broadway again soon.

19. Where’s My Shoe? (Zachary Levi & Laura Benanti)

Where's My Shoe- She Loves Me

20. Vanilla Ice Cream (Laura Benanti)

Laura Benanti- 2016 Tony Awards- She Loves Me- Ice Cream
::drops mic:::

21. She Loves Me (Zachary Levi)

She Loves Me - Zachary Levi
This is pure euphoria.

22. A Trip to the Library (Jane Krakowski)

Trip to the Library- jane Krakowski- She loves me
When Jane Krakowski is so good it kills you but you stay alive long enough to press repeat.

23. Grand Knowing You (Gavin Creel)

Gavin Creel- Grand Knowing You- She Loves Me
Dose Vocals Doe.

24. Twelve Days to Christmas (Company)

She Loves Me
Not only do I just love this track but I can't hear it without thinking of Jane Krakowski throwing herself into the perfume onstage. #MusicalComedy

25. Finale (Zachary Levi & Laura Benanti)

Aw GIF- She Loves Me
If you've listened full-through and got emotionally invested, this is a major "aw" moment.

26. Bows (Orchestra)

She Loves me
What a fantastic album start to finish. Not a "skip song" in sight. It's the new standard recording for 'She Loves Me'.

She Loves Me runs at Studio 54 through July 10.