Who Wore It Worse? The Cast of Paper Mill’s Grease Remember Their Fashion Mistakes from High School

Last updated May 28th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Who Wore It Worse? The Cast of Paper Mill’s Grease Remember…
Performances begin on May 28 for Paper Mill Playhouse’s anticipated production of Grease. The musical about a group of high school seniors has become a part of Americana—it’s like the flag or apple pie. Evem the word Grease brings to mind those ingrained images—signature looks of leather jackets, slicked hair, bobby socks and pink satin. So when we caught up with the cast of Grease, we asked them to: describe your signature look back in high school. (Then we threw in some GIFS of them in rehearsal for fun.)

Taylor Louderman (Sandy Dumbrowski)

“I was obsessed with Hollister, that whole beach look. And I totally popped the collar—gross.”
Taylor Louderman Grease Gif

Bobby Conte Thornton (Danny Zuko)

“I was starting to rock the quaffed hair—a lot of hairspray, a lot of hair gel—but I used to grow it out and out and out. I realize I probably looked like a Yeti.”

Morgan Weed (Betty Rizzo)

“My signature look was not cool, so Rizzo is a big change for me. I was president of my class, head of a lot of clubs, and did a lot of dorky reading with my glasses in the corner, so my signature look was a plain white Gap t-shirt and Gap jeans.”

Telly Leung (Teen Angel)

“Growing up in Brooklyn back in the ‘90s, my signature Telly look was big JNCO jeans half-way down my butt and giant t-shirts, I wore like an XXL Champion or Starter t-shirt, and high-top Nikes. And when I think back to that time I think, ‘right, my giant clothes that don’t fit.’”
Telly Leung Grease GIF

Tommy Bracco (Sonny)

“I’m from Staten Island so things are very different out there. It’s all about the name brands Burberry, Versace, Prada; but like you really can't afford that, so you buy a lot of Diesel or the cheapest Burberry shirt that was on sale for $25 to make it look like you have this great style and a lot of money, but you really don’t.”

Robin De Jesús (Doody)

“I was a walking hate crime. I went through this lime green phase, where I bought nothing but bright lime green shirts. And seriously one time at church choir, this guy had an epileptic seizure and he said it was because of my shirt. Then I also had pajama days where I would walk in with rubber ducky pajamas and a sweater; I looked like a lesbian.”

Grease -Paper Mill- Hand Jive- GIF -

Shane Donovan (Kenickie)

“I went to a catholic school for 12 years of my life, so I was always wearing a sweater and a tie. I was always clean-shaven. In high school if you weren’t clean-shaven, Brother Paul would make you shave in school. You always had to be in tip, top shape.”

Tess Soltau (Marty)

“Well I went to a school called Kings Academy, where Christ is King—not even kidding. So I was in a uniform: a blue button down shirt and a beige skort, and the skort was always a little bit shorter than it should have been. And that was my signature look, unfortunately.”

Leela Rothenberg (Jan)

“This is really embarrassing. I wore sweatpants and t-shirts, but theatre t-shirts like Wicked and Spelling Bee. Everyday. And I didn't think it was weird at all…”

Grease Hand Jive GIF

Dana Steingold (Frenchy)

“I graduated in 2002 and we were obsessed with Clueless and Mean Girls, so it was pin-straight hair— I would spend hours in the bathroom flat ironing my hair which is already pretty much straight—and there was always a chunky heel or wedge. And there were those knee-high boots from Clueless that were so cool at the time, that now make me want to die. I thought I looked awesome.”

Matt Wood (Roger)

“I was a horrible dresser. I liked to wear really chunky shorts and band shirts and plaid pretty much every day.”

Grease summer nights GIF

Eloise Kropp (Patty Simcox)

“I was the match queen: Gap head-to-toe and I was OCD about matching the shoes, the socks, everything.”

Sean Patrick Doyle (Eugene)

“I was 4’10 when I entered high school, I was really, really small, so my look was clothes that didn’t fit me.”

Grease Hand Jive

'Grease' runs at the Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ through June 29.