Five Musicals to Bring a Date to This Valentine’s Day in NYC (And All Have Discount Tickets!)

Last updated February 7th, 2019 by Josh Ferri
Five Musicals to Bring a Date to This Valentine’s Day in NY…

February 14 is around the corner! Here are five musicals you can surprise your Valentine’s Day date with that won’t break the bank.

My Fair Lady

Why: A classic love story with a modern twist, My Fair Lady offers you the most old-fashioned, romantic Valentine’s Day moment. The Tony-nominated revival is so lush and grand, it feels more like an event than a date night on Broadway. Also, is there a greater gift to give your significant other than Laura Benanti singing that Lerner & Loewe score?!
Basic One-Sentence Plot: A wealthy professor of phonetics transforms a common flower merchant from the street into a proper London lady, and soon she captures everyone’s heart (including his).

The Other Josh Cohen

Why: If you and your partner like to LOL over sitcoms together (especially that golden ‘90s age of Friends, Seinfeld, and such), then this is the show for you this Valentine’s Day. It’s a clever, adorkable, and super funny one-act musical about love, money, and mistaken identities. To be fair, it doesn’t have to be V-day to really fall in love with this off-Broadway gem.
Basic One-Sentence Plot: After a string of bad luck, lonely New Yorker Josh Cohen receives a mysterious check in the mail for $56K, and he is determined to find out why.

Kiss Me, Kate

Why: Think how cool you’d feel bringing your date to the very first preview of Roundabout’s highly-anticipated revival of Kiss Me, Kate? That’s right, previews begin Valentine’s Day, so you both would be the very first tastemakers to see Kelli O’Hara & co in this Cole Porter classic.
Basic One-Sentence Plot: In this show-within-a-show, an ex-husband and ex-wife put on a musical version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

The Prom

Why: This musical not only sparks joy, it exudes joy. It’s so well-done, the cast is incredible, and the two love stories are super sweet. They’ll be lots of hand holding at this one.
Basic One-Sentence Plot: Broadway actors ambush a small Indiana town in order to help a high school lesbian bring her closeted girlfriend to their prom.

Kinky Boots

Why: It’s your last Valentine’s Day to see this Tony Award-winning musical. The show ends its long Broadway run this spring. This is pretty low on the romance scale, so it could be great for those newly dating. Also, the love you feel in the theatre during Kinky’s epic finale is actually palpable.
Basic One-Sentence Plot: A shoe factory heir and a drag queen team up to save a local British shoe factory, the town, and themselves by taking a risk and making shoes for drag queens.