Five Burning Questions with The Illusionists World Famous Rick Thomas, AKA The Immortal

Last updated December 7th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
Five Burning Questions with The Illusionists World Famous R…

Rick Thomas is one of the world's most accomplished magicians. He headlined his own hit Vegas show for 15 years, completed five world tours traveling to over 50 countries, performed on 300 cruises, and won the prestigious titles of “Magician of the Year” and "Stage Magician of the Year" by his peers. Now he makes his Broadway debut as The Immortal in The Illusionists: Turn of the Century

at the Palace Theatre.

BroadwayBox chatted with Thomas about crossing Broadway off his bucket list, how the internet changed magic, and his favorite hidden spots in Vegas.

1. At this point in your career, what attracted you to The Illusionists? Why did you want to be a part of this crew?
I have been performing professionally for 35 years. My life has been filled with magic. When I received the call to join The Illusionists—Turn of the Century, it just fit. I could finally work with a few of my dear friends in the industry that I have never had the opportunity to work with before. Those dear friends are Mark & Jinger Kalin, Charlie Frye & Dana Daniels. And let’s be honest…It’s the Palace Theatre on Broadway!

2. Tell me about a spot in Vegas that the locals love and that I would never find by myself.
If it is a hotel to stay at, it is the Artisan! 1501 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas. I can only say ‘Unique!’ Tara and I love it there. It has a style to it like no other hotel in Las Vegas. It has that magical touch.

If it is food you are looking for, then this one is truly unknown. It is small, no ambiance but a great place to grab some Asian food. Thai Style Noodle House, 3516 Wynn Rd, Las Vegas.

3. Was Broadway always a bucket list place for you? What’s still on the career bucket list?
Broadway was always on my list. I have had the pleasure of presenting my own show in Las Vegas for 15 years and never thought an opportunity would arise to be here. All I can say is, “never stop dreaming.”

4. What’s the biggest way magic has changed since you began?
It is too easy for anyone to get information regarding magic. Many people have decided to offer everything about the world of magic on the web, including, how to do it. It used to be an extremely secret art form. Those of us who gave our lives to it would master the art and were finally allowed to know the secrets behind it. Now, just type it in and you will find it.

5. If you were indeed immortal, what city in the world would you like to live out your days?
I have had the amazing opportunity to perform in over 50 countries. I love so many places across the world. I have experienced so many cultures in their actual country. I enjoy the world. I have a pretty good idea of how small it is. I do not think I could live in any specific place the rest of my days. I like the variety. I like the travel; I love performing across the world and I do not see stopping any time soon. I am happy performing wherever I am at that given moment and living my life that very day. Right now, it is Broadway and I am loving it!

Don't miss Rick Thomas in 'The Illusionists' at Broadway's Palace Theatre through January 1, 2017.