Did You Know Wolf Hall’s Ben Miles Was Kind of Like the British Joey Tribbiani?

Last updated June 24th, 2015 by BroadwayBox Staff
Did You Know Wolf Hall’s Ben Miles Was Kind of Like the Bri…

Tony nominee Ben Miles gives a gripping performance as the serious and manipulative Thomas Cromwell in the epic two-part Broadway drama, Wolf Hall.

Ben Miles- Wolf Hall- Cromwell- GIF

As Cromwell, he schemes with the likes of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, the Seymours and the Roman Catholic Church.

Ben Miles- Wolf Hall- Cromwell- GIF

But before he was hobnobbing with royalty, Miles starred as the lovable, sex-crazed Patrick Maitland on the popular BBC show Coupling.

Coupling- Patrick- Ben Miles- Cast - BBC

Now, chances are you’re American and you’ve never heard of Coupling beyond Netflix always recommending it and the occasional Brit gushing about its importance. So here’s the deal based on the minutes of Wikipedia research: Coupling can be compared to Friends and Patrick is kinda like Joey (#HowYOUdoin). His nicknames were “donkey” and “tripod”, and he recorded his trysts and saved the videos in his “cupboard of love”.

Coupling GIF
Coupling GIF- Patrick- Ben Miles

Check out these popular clips to get a sense of how super adorable and funny Miles was as Patrick, and then see him do a complete 180 to play the fierce Cromwell in Wolf Hall.

Wolf Hall runs at the Winter Garden Theatre through July 5.