Broadway Sings YouTube Spiral: Corey Mach Shares His 15 Favorite Legendary, Swoon-Worthy, & Insane Performances From the Concert Series

Last updated June 13th, 2018 by Corey Mach
Broadway Sings YouTube Spiral: Corey Mach Shares His 15 Fav…

Corey Mach has been slaying New York audiences with his Broadway Sings concert series since 2012. The Kinky Boots, Invisible Thread, & Godspell star created the acclaimed Broadway series that salutes pop icons and twists their music into brand new arrangements created specifically for Broadway performers. On June 18, Corey recruited an incredible cast for Broadway Sings Kelly Clarkson

at the Highline Ballroom.
Broadway Sings Corey Mach Kelly Clarkson

To get us pumped for the star-studded concert, Corey looks back on 15 absolutely epic performances from previous Broadway Sings concerts. Get ready to fall to the floor, several times.

About a month before each concert, music director Joshua Stephen Kartes and I meet with each singer for an hour to fully arrange their song in whatever style they’d like. Joshua then takes the recording of that session and orchestrates the song for between six and sixteen instruments and voices. In the below list, in chronological order, you’ll see how the band slowly grows in size as you journey from 2012 to 2018.

1. Brandon Victor Dixon—"One and Only" at Broadway Sings Adele

This was our very first concert so I’m not sure how we snagged BVD for this, but he was down for a big ole’ gospel number and totally delivered.

2. Saycon Sengbloh, Morgan James & Tituss Burgess—"I'll Be There" at Broadway Sings Michael Jackson

We actually arranged this with these guys in my railroad apartment in Midtown. I always find myself coming back to watch this video every so often— not only are the vocals ridiculous but the camaraderie between the singers was so palpable.

3. Jason Gotay, Russell Fischer & Corey Mach— "Love on Top" at Broadway Sings Beyoncé

This was some of the most fun I’ve had on stage with these guys and the crowd was insane. This took hours to arrange because the three-part harmonies were v v complicated.

4. Corey Cott & Ben Fankhauser—"Higher Ground / Living For the City" at Broadway Sings Stevie Wonder

This video is the ultimate swoon fest. The vocals, the friendship, the sunglasses, the crowd; I’m obsessed. 

5. Keala Settle & Jay Armstrong Johnson—"Knocks Me Off My Feet / Ribbon in the Sky" at Broadway Sings Stevie Wonder

Mashups are always the hardest to arrange because we always try to make them make sense as a composition, not just put two random songs together. I specifically remember that this arrangement session with Jay & Keala was pretty incredible, because they’re both so musical & creative. Special shout out, too, to backup singers Amber Iman, Shaleah Adkisson & Lulu Fall.

6. Raena White— “Back to Black” at Broadway Sings Amy Winehouse

This may be one of my favorites of all time. We wanted to arrange something Bond-like, and Raena gave us full-out-Shirley-Bassey-drama realness. It’s thrilling on video but was unreal live.

7. Kate Rockwell— "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" at Broadway Sings P!NK

Usually we try to create one comic number for each show we do, and we worked with Kate to explore the ups and downs of this lyric. Also, hands down, one of the top five belters in NYC. Done.

8. Lena Hall— "Sober" at Broadway Sings P!NK

I think this is a great example of how we arrange a song for the strengths of the singer. Lena interprets rock better than anyone, and I think this was the perfect choice for her. The key change at the end is not to be believed.

9. Christine Dwyer— "So What" at Broadway Sings P!NK

Again, one of my favorites of all time. Arranging this with Christine, who sings the F out of it, we just kept looking for more ways to make it different than the original version and stick to our style. Whenever I hear the original on the radio, I only hear this version in my head.

10. Corey Cott—"Grenade" at Broadway Sings Bruno Mars

This is the first concert we discovered that three strings and three horns was the way to go; the band is put to great use here with the arrangement and Corey’s perfect vocals.

11. Ben Platt—"Many the Miles" at Broadway Sings Sara Bareilles

I love how this arrangement was pared down to just guitars in the beginning and then an unexpected saxophone sneaks in halfway through. And Ben’s soul vibe is swoon worthy, so that helps.

12. Mykal Kilgore— "Didn't We Almost Have it All" at Broadway Sings Whitney Houston

The energy in the room as Mykal sang this song is truly something I will never forget. I think it was the perfect combination of singer, song, attitude and arrangement. THE VOICE, PEOPLE.

13. Aisha Jackson— "The Greatest Love of All" at Broadway Sings Whitney Houston

We had a blast arranging this with Aisha. She’s not only a terrific vocalist, but she knows gospel music, so in creating this with her, we just kept taking it further and further into the gospel realm.

14. Shayna Steele— "Edge of Glory" at Broadway Sings Lady Gaga

This was an instance in which we had a crazy idea and had no idea if it could work until we ran with it. Also, Shayna is a legend.

15. Kennedy Caughell— "S&M" at Broadway Sings Rihanna

I walked into this arrangement session with one idea only: to turn this song into “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. Not only did Joshua kill it with the arrangement, but Kennedy went full-out camp and served some of the most unbelievable vocals I’ve ever heard. One of my favorites.

Don't miss the incredible lineup for 'Broadway Sings Kelly Clarkson' at the Highline Ballroom on June 18.