2Scoops at Joe's Pub: The Ultimate Holiday Treat

Last updated November 25th, 2015 by BroadwayBox Staff
2Scoops at Joe's Pub: The Ultimate Holiday Treat

2Scoops, the legendary, chart-topping, entirely fictional '90s R&B girl group, is back at Joe's Pub on November 27 with an all-new show 2Scoops: 4 the Holidayz


The premise is simple: 2Scoops was a super-famous R&B girl group in the '90s that now holds the world record for the most breakups of any group in history, and for one-night-only Dana and Deena (played brilliantly by Adam Enright and Aaron Fuksa) are reuniting for a holiday concert. The shows are beyond hysterical and truly clever. To get you in the 2Scoops spirit, here are some of Dana and Deena's most memorable album covers.


Officially kick off the holiday season with '2Scoops: 4 the Holidayz' at Joe's Pub on November 27.