15 Killer Covers of Waitress' Showstopper “She Used To Be Mine”

Last updated August 22nd, 2016 by Josh Ferri
15  Killer Covers of Waitress' Showstopper “She Used To Be …

Tony winner Jessie Mueller has one of the best moments on Broadway right now as her Waitress

character Jenna settles into her sofa to sing to her unborn daughter Sara Bareilles’ soaring anthem “She Used To Be Mine”.

Since the song is so epic already (think 2016’s “Defying Gravity” or "On My Own"), there are many covers to be found on the interwebs—some outstanding, some admirable at best. Below, we look at 15 YouTubers who nailed it.

Molly McCook

She is feeling every single lyric and it’s beyond.

Susan McFadden

SING, diva!

Mackenzie Johnson


Sam Swenson

Mid-office applause & cheering. Just beautiful.

Evynne Hollens

Living for the waitress in a diner realness being served in this video. Full performance.

Jennifer Nettles

Oh hey, former Roxie Hart.

Carrie Hope Fletcher

The view count speaks for itself here.


The uke is killing me in the best way possible. Very Birdy "Skinny Love" meets Waitress

Chloe Hart

This West End star brings it full-out.

Serene Lau

There is such a beauty and simplicity in this performance.

Stephanie Amoroso

I like how angry this one started out, and she sounds wonderful.

Michelle Raitzin

Get it, girl.

Carmen Pascucci

She is serving you VOCALS and she doesn’t care who knows it.

UPenn’s Penny Loafers

Such a cool arrangement, and wonderful ending.

Josh Castille and Lauren Luiz

Something about incorporating ASL made me all emo. #Tears

Seriously, get yourself over to Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre to see Jessie Mueller’s performance of 'She Used to Be Mine' in ‘ Waitress’.