12 Thoughts We Had While Watching The MUNY’s Mamma Mia!

Last updated July 25th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
12 Thoughts We Had While Watching The MUNY’s Mamma Mia!

Big ups to The Muny for casting a Mamma Mia! we really want to see.

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Seriously, why didn’t the Broadway production that ran over a decade think to throw an Elphaba or two in as Donna? Over at The Muny they have Julia Murney leading the show as Donna; Ann Harada and Jenny Powers as her besties; Justin Guarini as the guy who got away; Mike McGowan and Ben Nordstrom as the other possible baby daddies; and Jason Gotay and Brittany Zeinstra as the soon-to-be-married Sky & Sophie.

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Photo by Courtesy of The Muny

And while it might be difficult to get The Muny before the final performance on July 28, you can get a sense of the production through its montage.

We watched. We lived. We died. We had some thoughts.

Just easing into it with “Honey, Honey”. Sure. Let’s do it.

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Ok, here are the goods (:22). The Dynamos serving feather boa and "Dancing Queen" realness. Big hug to whoever thought of those sleeves on Jenny Power’s Tanya. #Everything

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Jason Gotay is bringing it…and I really want to own those shorts.

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Now we’re cooking with fire. The best song in Mamma Mia!, “Super Trouper”, begins at 1:09.

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“Voulez Vous” is contagiously fun. Whatever your silly qualms with the rest of the musical, you can’t deny that act break.

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When did Justin Guarini become such a DILF? What is it? Is it the Abba? I don’t know, but I’m loving it.

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Seriously, he sounds wonderful. Is it too late to dub Pierce Brosnan? (1:47)

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Get it, Jenny Powers! No sarong for this Tanya. Also, let’s get thirsty for a minute, who dat in the striped shorts?

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Honestly, Julia Murney is giving me LIFE in “Our Last Summer” (2:29). I can’t put my finger on why but I love it. You could totally get a sense her Donna from it.

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I get that they couldn’t jam pack the whole show into a 4-minute montage, so how about we just Facebook Live Julia Murney’s “Slipping Through My Fingers” or something? Deal?

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Thank goodness though there’s Ann Harada’s “Take A Chance On Me” (2:47).

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And now some "Mega Mix" for your nerves. Let the chair dancing commence.

Chair Dancing

To see Mamma Mia! live, you’ve got to get to The Muny before July 28.