Sex Tips New Stars Nick Cearley & Lauren Molina Look Back on Their Favorite Skivvies Moments

Last updated July 15th, 2016 by Nick Cearley & Lauren Molina
 Sex Tips New Stars Nick Cearley & Lauren Molina Look Back …

Get ready to blush and laugh when Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina take the stage at off-Broadway’s 777 Theatre as the new stars of LOL comedy Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

Sex Tips- The Skivvies- Off Broadway
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You probably know Cearley & Molina together as The Skivvies, the super-talented duo who strip down, play instruments, and get all our Broadway crushes to take off their clothes and sing. #YouTubeSpiral

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BroadwayBox asked Nick & Lauren to share with us five of their favorite all-time Skivvies videos, and here’s what they said.


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The Skivvies were able to help predict the future and/ or help our friends get great jobs. So my choices are the ones that are about friends helping friends. It's a Skivvies state of mind and we love it when we hear something we did helped someone else do something amazing.

Laura Benanti and The Skivvies—“Part of Your Independent SuperWoman”

Laura is now on Supergirl playing not one but two roles. I feel like this video inspired seeing the future as by the end, she stripped into a Superman suit. Also, Laura told us that the producers of Nashville watched her videos with us to get a sense of her sense of humor. And she is royalty for us and a genuine great friend. All love for her and everything she gets to do. 

Andrew Keenan-Bolger and The Skivvies—“Fuck You Small World”

Andrew wanted to make a political statement at the state of current events and he really related to the lyrics of Lily Allen's "Fuck You." We found similar chord themes with "It’s a Small World" and with his long history with Disney, we were excited to combine them. Also, when Andrew was auditioning for Looking, HBO reached out to him asking if he had any pictures of himself without a shirt on as his shirt required a shirtless scene and he told them he did but that he was singing and playing a glockenspiel. He booked it! 

Betsy Wolfe and The Skivvies—“Let it Go”

She told us she wanted to do this and whenever she plays with us, she plays this hilarious character who is not confident singing in her underwear. She killed this song and every comic moment and as she is now Broadway's Elsa in Frozen, The Skivvies psychic powers of getting this masterpiece out into the universe hopefully helped to work some magic love for her amazing rendition.

The Skivvies—“Hardbody Hoedown”

This means a lot to us because this is our first music video and single which really helped to broaden our audience. Augusten Burroughs directed this and it was his first experience at directing, which I also think he nailed as he is primarily known as a best-selling author. It's still the song many people think of us first and foremost for and we always have a great time introducing it to new audiences and repeat audiences. We rarely do a show without ending with it.

Randy Harrison as Jesus with The Skivvies—“Hold On Break Free”

We really toed the line of how far we could go with this one. All of Randy's arrangements with us are comic goldmines and I still find myself laughing at this one like it is the first time every time. This was from our holiday show and I think it is one that just has to be witnessed to understand. From beginning to end. Truly special. 


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The Skivvies—“Toxic/Poison”

This is one of my faves because it is so fun to sing a Britney Spears tune with and absurdly high soprano and rock out with the band.

Laura Benanti & The Skivvies—“Bootylicious Freak Like Me”

Laura is Skivvies royalty, not to mention Broadway royalty. This is the first arrangement we ever did with her and she is so hilarious taking such irreverent lyrics, singing them beautifully. We love her.

Lesli Margherita & The Skivvies—“Alcomedley”

In this epic mega alcohol medley, we cram in over 20 songs about alcohol and Lesli is absolutely hysterical singing it.

Nick Adams & The Skivvies—“Slave for Santa”

This was for our Christmas show, and Nick didn't tell us beforehand that he was going to be stripping down to a sock. It shocked us all. And pleased many more.

The Skivvies—“ “Life on Mars”

The lyrics of this song are so relevant. As the Skivvies we do so much comedy that it's refreshing to have a serious tune sung with a twist.

See Nick Cearley & Lauren Molina in 'Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man' at off-Broadway's 777 Theatre.