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Introduce Yourself(ie)

Introduce Yourself(ie): 10 Questions with The Phantom of the Opera's New Raoul, Jordan Donica

June 20th, 2016 by

Introduce Yourself(ie): 10 Questions with The Phantom of th…

Jordan Donica makes his Broadway debut (and history) as the charming and oh-so-handsome Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, in Broadway's longest-running musical, The Phantom of the Opera. BroadwayBox caught up with your new stage crush to get to know him a bit better as we talk Phantom, abstaining from social media, & ALW romance.

1. Coolest thing about being part of Phantom:
History. Being a part of such a historical show (and my favorite show of all time) is something I will cherish forever and ever. This show has touched millions of lives across the world, and to become a small part of that is indescribable. The history of this building (The Majestic) is also probably my favorite part. I mean, to walk through the same halls that the Gershwins, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ethel Merman, Stephen Sondheim, Hal Prince and Andrew Lloyd Webber, and countless other legends walked through…it’s fitting that this show is in this building. You can feel that energy every day.

2. Most surprising part of joining the company:
Everyone’s openness to trying something new. I mean this is a show that has been running with no hiccups for over 28 years on Broadway, but everyone in the building is always searching to find something new and unexplored in this material, yet it still serves the story we are trying to tell. I think that’s another reason that this show has been so successful for so long.

3. Moment I’ll never forget from my Broadway debut:
Oh, man. What a question… sharing the stage with Ali. Every moment we have onstage together is unforgettable. No question. Outside of that, probably seeing all of my family and friends from the Indianapolis community that surprised me by taking a road trip out to see my debut. Great people!

4. My pre-show ritual for Phantom includes:
I’m still in the process of figuring out exactly what I need to do before the show, to be honest! Every show that one does is very different. I absolutely have to get to the theatre about an hour before the show. After that, I usually lie on the floor and check in with what my body, mind, and voice need in order to be at my best for the show (stretching, push-ups, reflection, vocal warm-ups, foam rolling, etc.).

5. I’m not on social media because:
Frankly, I’m very bad at all of that. I’m SO BAD at taking pictures and keeping up with any social media account. I also found it very distracting when I had my old Facebook profile. I actually didn’t have any type of social media for two years, but decided to create a new account so my Grammy could keep up with my shenanigans (Super Troopers anyone?). Even so, I’m still bad at updating all of it, because I like to focus on what’s happening in the world around me!

6. My desert island cast recording would have to be:
Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh man………could it be a compilation?...I guess at this moment in time it would probably have to be the original concept album of Jesus Christ Superstar with Ian Gillan and Murray Head.

7. Most romantic line in “All I Ask of You”:
The VEEEERY last line of the song. It’s got to be (for me at least). “LOVE me: That’s all I ask of you…” Simple, but it’s what we crave.

8. Random special skill I have:
I can impersonate people pretty well. If we spend enough time together, I’ll get your speech pattern and mannerisms down…I just won’t necessarily tell you ;)

9. My NYC happy place:
The AMC Loews Lincoln Square. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN THE LOEWS THEATRE??? It’s incredible.

10. Movie I love so much I know every single word:
Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey…“It’s joyful AND triumphant.”

See Jordan Donica in 'The Phantom of the Opera' at Broadway's Majestic Theatre.