8 "Lazy Afternoon" Covers For Your Lazy Afternoon YouTube Spiral By Mendez, Streisand, Andrews & More

Last updated August 10th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
8 "Lazy Afternoon" Covers For Your Lazy Afternoon YouTube S…

Are you enjoying a lazy afternoon? That is fitting news as today is National Lazy Day.

Let's bring this over to a Broadway correlation, shall we? In 1954, Jerome Moross wrote the music and John Treville Latouche wrote the lyrics to the legendary tune "Lazy Afternoon" for their musical The Golden Apple. This Golden Age musical modernized Homer's The Iliad and Odyssey to where else? Angel's Roost in Washington State. The character of Helen sings "Lazy Afternoon" close to the end of the first act. In the original Broadway production, the song was made famous by Kaye Ballard who had been a staple in so many television programs over 4 or so decades.

The song was recently sung on the New York City Center stage by Tony winner Lindsay Mendez in the Encores! production of The Golden Apple. Since it's nationally known as a lazy day, grab a tall cool glass of iced tea, a cozy blanket and settle in to 8 dreamy renditions of this classic song.

Lindsay Mendez

Barbra Streisand

Julia Joseph

A.J. Freeman

Julie Andrews and John Davidson

Anita Darian

Sabrina Fosse

Tony Bennett