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When you're in love, you want everyone else to be in love! Or - do you? The Blue Hill Troup presents Gilbert & Sullivan's The Sorcerer for the benefit of Inwood House. Magical mix-ups and mayhem ensue in Gilbert & Sullivan's first full-length operetta, which features Sullivan's most buoyant and festive score and giddy Upstairs/Downstairs complications from gilbert. Wishing his wedding guests to discover true love as he has, young Alexis hires a sorcerer to spike the tea at his engagement party with a powerful love potion. Alack! Every possible mishap occurs, and Alexis and the sorcerer must race against the clock to reverse the magic before wedding bells ring for the wrong lovers - including Alexis' own betrothed! Will they Succeed?


Teatro Heckscher

1230 Fifth Avenue (between 104th and 105th Streets) NYC