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THE FIFTH COLUMN is the dramatic, sexy and surprisingly funny story of the private and political passions of Philip Rawlings, a counter-espionage agent working for the Republic during the Spanish Civil War. The beating heart of the play is a romance between weary, shell-shocked Rawlings and Dorothy Bridges, a journalist in over her head professionally and head-over-her-heels personally. Against a backdrop of treachery and danger, Dorothy and Philip take solace in each other’s arms and dream of peace and pleasure—a dream that threatens Rawlings’s commitment to the cause.

Hemingway wrote THE FIFTH COLUMN in 1937 while in Madrid as a correspondent for the North American Newspaper Alliance. Franco’s army had four columns advancing on the city and a “Fifth Column” of hidden fascist sympathizers within the city using terrorist tactics to bring down the government. Hemingway’s fictional hero is fighting these insurgents.


Mint Theater

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