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Gilbert Gottfried Presents "The Diet Show" . America is on a Diet Craze! Low Carbs, No Carbs, High Fat, Low Fat, Pills, Tablets, Shakes, Mixes, Sprinkles and Sprays, America is fighting the bitter fight on fat and trying to Diet!

The Diet Show is a Heart-Warming Production inspiring people to "Laugh Away One Pound At A Time". In this day and age of fitness, people feel alone with their weight struggle. The Diet Show is an Off-Broadway Production of everyday peoples testimonies reflecting their own accounts with the "Battle of the Bulge". Our cast has gained tons, lost tons, and then gained tons of weight back again. Our performers share their true life inspirational stories in this New Original Off- Broadway Comedy Production. Prepare to be inspired to shed those few pounds, get ready to feel proud of yourself with the way you are, and get motivated to laugh and lose weight. Laugh yourself skinny! Its time for Broadway to go on a Diet!

Starring: Winner of NBC's The Biggest Loser Season Three Erik Chopin, Winner of NBC's The Biggest Loser Season Four Bill Germanakos, NBC's The Biggest Loser Runner-Ups Season Ten Alfredo "Frado" Dinten, and Season Seven Tara Costa, NBC's The Biggest Loser At Home Winners Jim Germanakos and Mark Pinhasovich, NBC's The Biggest Loser Contestants Nicole "The Radio Chick on Q102 Philly" Michalik, Amanda Arlauskas, and Suzanne Mendonca. Also with Lane Bryant Plus Size Model Krista Mays and Comedian Key Fitz.
Written by Gilbert Gottfried, Sean Pomper and Karen Katz.
Produced by Dara Gottfried, Sean Pomper and Karen Katz.
Directed by Sean Pomper and Sal Governale from "The Howard Stern Show".

November 20- March 2, 2013


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158 West 72nd Street
New York, NY