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Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

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About Summer, 1976 - On Broadway

Show Info

Running Time
90 minutes (no intermission)
Ages 12 and up
Apr 4, 2023
Apr 25, 2023
Jun 18, 2023

Summer, 1976 Reviews

Critic’s Pick! Laura Linney and Jessica Hecht are a gorgeous duo in this poignant, sharply observant story of profound connection and awakening.
The New York Times
Laura Linney and Jessica Hecht are stellar, working at the top of their game and together offering a master class in acting.
A must-see! A rare perfect play. One of the best pieces of art about female friendship.


Four-time Emmy Award® winner & Academy Award® nominee Laura Linney (My Name Is Lucy Barton, Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes) and Tony Award® nominee Jessica Hecht (The Assembled Parties) return to Broadway in a new play by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and fellow MTC alum David Auburn (Proof, The Columnist). This deeply moving, insightful piece is about connection, memories, and the small moments that can change the course of our lives.

Over one fateful summer, an unlikely friendship develops between Diana (Linney), a fiercely iconoclastic artist and single mom, and Alice (Hecht), a free-spirited yet naive young housewife. As the Bicentennial is celebrated across the country, these two young women in Ohio navigate motherhood, ambition, and intimacy, and help each other discover their own independence. Directing is Tony winner Daniel Sullivan (Proof, Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes).

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