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STOLEN MOMENTS is a dance theater piece about “the making of” a dance theater piece. The production within a production is self-aware, an abstraction of the creative process beginning with a blank canvas and ending with an attempted number set to Oliver Nelson’s 1960 jazz standard, Stolen Moments.

A semi-autobiographical concept by Joanna and Ryan Greer, their combined meta- persona is played by Brad Landers, the self-producing Director/Choreographer assigned to the task. On deadline, with budgetary constraints, faced with the technical and personal challenges of hoping to make something happen, he strays from his own typical thematic through-line and finds himself having the idea in the most vulnerable way–in front of the audience. The script is nonlinear, stage directions, lighting cues, rehearsal, as it deconstructs and evolves in real time on the Ensemble.

STOLEN MOMENTS addresses the influences on the artist, the burden of responsibility and the need to create.

Directed and Choreographed by Joanna and Ryan Greer

Featuring: Brad Landers, Caren Chianese, Felix Hess, Eva Kosmos, Bianca Saltaformaggio


Tada! Theatre

15 West 28th Street, between Broadway & Fifth , NYC